Saturday, August 22, 2009

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 21 - "Not So Simple"

"Not So Simple"
Episode Summary:

Gema writes her diary and talks about the Rangers. She says Dillon is brooding because he is slowly becoming a robot and that she would too if she was in the same situation. Dr. K has put a weekly anti-virus on him that is helping reserve it but it is not better. She says Summer is caring, especially when it comes to Dillon. She wonders what uses on her hair. She says Scott and his father are alike but they don't see eye to eye. Then we see Ziggy showing them how to pose after 'winning' and she says he always tries to make them laugh, even when she doesn't get it. She says Flynn is a simple mechanic, he read her diary, accidentally. He is upset and she is upset too. He shows something cool, something not simple for Scott's car.

He shows off a device to clean a car and it is really cool. The alarm sounds, it is a shield breech, the seven go off. The Don Quixote Knight is big and the three robos fight it. The robos go down. Flynn made a new Engine Cell, Dr. K is against it and he blasts the other two robos and there is a system failure. After the commercial break, Dr. K does something and fixes it. The three megazords destroy it. Flynn feels bummed that they were almost destroyed. At the evil lair, Tenaya says the bot was a failure because Shifter designed it. Venjix has a new plan. Tenaya wants to design the next new bot and Shifter has a new on.e Back at the lab, Dr. K scolds the heck out of Flynn. She says they can't make a megazord for now.

Gema keeps writing in her dairy, feeling for him. Saying that he may not be a simple mechanic. Gem goes off to bed, she tells him she will go after him. She finds a wheel and plans in the garbage. Shifter has made a new attack bot, a giant hammer. Tenaya is peeved. She wants to know what her job is and Venjix shouts at her. Meanwhile, Gema plugs in the wheel and does a scan on it. The boys come in and head up to bed. Flynn scolds her for messing with her stuff. She wants to know the name. He says it wasn't sanctioned. She wants to upgrade it, just them. Flynn is surprised, he asks if she is going to complete his sentences. She ants to call it the Road-Attack Zord. They work on it in a montage with a bizarre 80's synth-instrumental background song. They take turns falling asleep.

The Hammer Bot attacks in the morning, the Rangers wake up and ready. Dr. K says she will send them in completely unarmed. After the break, the place is being attacked, the Rangers race out. Gema tells Gem to go off against her. Gema tells Dr. K about the new weapon and they used her system. Dr. K is upset and against not using it. Meanwhile, the others fight the Hammer Bot. Shifter arrives and says to step right up. Dillon fights it and goes down. Venjix asks for Tenaya and she is not there. Elsewhere, Flynn and Gema are in Flynn's jeep and Tenaya attacks them. Tenaya fights them as they roll out of the car. Flynn goes down and the girls go at it. Flynn intervenes and the two of them double-team the she-witch. Flynn and Gema do a lot of him holding her and throwing her in the air while she does a cool move.

Back with the Hammer Bot, the Rangers are having a tough time. The colonel wants to send his men. Flynn pleads to Dr. K and the colonel about the Road Zord. Dr. K sends it in. It goes through the Rangers and heads toward the Hammer Bot. It tries holding it back but gets slammed into a building. It heads towards the Rangers and Gold holds it back and gets hurt in the process. Dr. K says it is uncontrollable. Flynn and Gema hear this as they fight Tenaya. The zord comes towards Gold and the others stop it. Flynn apologizes it. Gema goes awol on Tenaya and picks Flynn up. Flynn says to give it a whack in the middle. Gem does so and the wheel miniaturizies.

Gema says it is her fault because she gave it too much power. They hop into his jeep and tells Dr. K is listen carefully. Hammer Bot grows up and is about to attack the Rangers when Flynn comes in in his zord and Gema attacks with her zord. Shifter backs out. Dr. K diverted the energy from the wheel zord, it was Flynn's idea. They form SkyRev Megazord. Blue has a new energy cell and gives it to Gold. He deploys the Road-Attack Zord. It transforms into a robot. Everyone celebrates. It attacks the heck out of the Hammer Bot. Dr. K tells Colonel Truman that she hopes he is not doubting the competence of her or of her Rangers.

SkyRev and the new zord destroy the foe. Venjix scolds Tenaya, she says it is the human in her, Venjix says she is 100%. Crunch wants to scrap her. Gema writes in her dairy, saying she finds the Blue Ranger more fascinating than the others, it sounds like she has feelings for him. Flynn asks if she is up to making new anti-Venjix stuff this weekend, she is all for it but since Gem is there, he says she can't, she is busy doing stuff with him.

Episode Review:
I loved Gema writing a diary and hearing her opinion on the Rangers. Also, I liked Flynn's passion. It was easy to believe she would get sympathetic to him that quickly. It is so unfair, I don't like how they made Blue's success in making a cell, a non-success. They obviously used new footage of him in the cockpit feeling sorry for himself. I feel as if Venjix is lying to Tenaya that she is 100 percent a robot. It was a cool and different episode, it felt very polished, like the last one. But this one felt very much so completed. Great episode! six out of six!

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