Monday, August 17, 2009

Actor's Faces in Super Sentai Toys

As usual, as doing one thing for Power Rangers, I thought I'd cover it too for Super Sentai. Of course, there is much much more figures made since the franchise has been around for longer.

J.A.K.Q. - 1977
Here is a picture of Space Ace, I do not know if the others were made. This was the first of its kind, I think (I dunno if they did it for Goranger) and it was unique as it was two different figures. For those of you not familiar with Sentai, in JAKQ, they transformed through these pods, not a device.
Actor: Yoshitaka Tanba

Dynaman - 1983
I do not know if more were made but this is the only one I found.
Actor: Satoshi Okita

Bioman - 1984
In Bioman, they made the dolls and had a girls line like MMPR season 1. But the unique thing was that the dolls did not have the actress's faces. They just had generic Caucasian faces.

Changeman - 1985
Just like Bioman, they made the dolls with generic Caucasian faces. These were the last made.

Turboranger - 1989
There was nothing made until 89 exclusively for girls, but this time it wasn't any of the Rangers. This time it was the fairy ally, Shiron but she had a generic face like Bioman and Changeman.

Ohranger - 1995
I saw the faces once but I don't have a pic. These were like the flip-heads of MMPR.
Actors: Masaru Shishido, Kunio Masaoka, Masashi Gōda, Ayumi Asō, and Tamao Satō

Carranger - 1996
Only Zonette, they had a trend of making figures of the villianesses. Nice detail, rather accurate.
Actress: Rika Nanase

Megaranger - 1997
This is the last time they did this for a regular figure. Funny enough, they did not do this for the counterpart Power Rangers in Space.
Actors: Kunihiko Ōshiba, Atsushi Ehara, Masaya Matsukaze, Eri Tanaka, Mami Higashiyama

Actress: Asami Jo

Gingaman - 1998
Actress: Kei Mizutani

Gekiranger - 2007
The only likenesses of Rio and Mele were in the Gekiranger mini-figures. I forget what they call these but these are common but mostly of the Rangers and main Robos only.
Actors: Hirofumi Araki and Yuka Hirata

Girls In Uniform
And of course, I got to mention the Girls In Uniform. I am not going to go over the actress' names, too many to go over.

(Clockwise starting from the grey one:) Queen Hedrian from "Sunvulcan," Chimera from "Dynaman," Mea from "Magiranger," Kegaleshia from "Go-Onger," Lije from "Abaranger," Zonnette from "Carranger," Queen Ahames from "Changeman," Furabiijo from "Hurricanger," Farrahcat from "Bioman," Shibolena from "Megaranger," Nai from "Magiranger," and Kirika from "Turboranger." Six of them (Queen Hedrian, Queen Ahames, Shibolena, Zonnette, Furabiijo, and Lije) are part of the Dark Heronies collection.

Girls In Uniform #1:
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Sayaka Nagisa (Change Mermaid) from Changeman, Chimera from Dynaman, Momo Maruo (Oh Pink) from Ohranger, Sakura Nishihori (Bouken Pink) from Boukenger, Nanami Nono (Hurricane Blue) from Hurricaneger and Marika Reimon (Deka Yellow) from Dekaranger. Sakura, Nanami and Jasmine were avaliable part of "The Best Selection." There was a special Jasmine figure that came as a bonus.

Girls In Uniform #2:
Left to Right: Sala (Flash Yellow) from Flashman, Urara Ozu (Magi Blue) from Magiranger, Peggy Matsuyama (Momo Ranger) from Goranger, Natsuki Mamiya (Bouken Yellow) from Boukenger, Kirika from Turboranger, and Radiata Fanbelt (White Racer) from Carranger. Natsuki and Urara were avaliable part of "The Best Selection."

Girls In Uniform #3:
Left to Right: Umeko (Deka Pink) from "Dekaranger," Ran (Geki Yellow) from "Gekiranger," Farrahcat from "Bioman," Miku (Mega Pink) from "Megaranger," Arashiyama Misa from Sun Vulcan," and Colon from "Liveman." Umeko was avaliable part of "The Best Selection."

Girls In Uniform #4:
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Megumi Misaki (Blue Dolphin) from "Liveman," Mei (Ptera Ranger) from "Zyuuranger," Yuuri (Time Pink) from "Timeranger," Houka Ozu (Magi Pink) from "Magiranger," Nai and Mea from "Magiranger."

Girls In Uniform #5:
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Saki (Go-On Yellow) from "Go-onger," Kegaleshia from "Go-Onger," Chisato (Mega Yellow) from "Megaranger," Magijel from "Magiranger," Tsuruhime (Ninja White) from "Kakuranger," and Miki Momozono (Goggle Pink) from "Goggle V."

In August of 2009, the Japanese magazine Hyper Hobby (toys, hobbies) released a special edition of Mele, only available through them. You can look through the Yahoo Japan auctions, they have them up for like $50 and up.


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