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Power Rangers RPM and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Summaries Sept-Oct

Somewhat Spoilers Abound

Power Rangers RPM
Sat Sep 19 - Ancient History (24)
Untested technology is found in an Alphabet Soup dumping ground. Truman tries to keep the technology from Venjix but instead stumbles upon a video log that pins Dr. K responsible for the start of Venjix. Truman wants to arrest Dr. K. But if he does, she won’t be able to help the rangers with the dangerous Paleomax technology.

Sat Sep 26 - Key to the past (25)
It dawns on Dillon that the two keys to his watch fit together to play another song. It’s the same song that Tenaya 7 sings! Tenaya 7 is hit by memories of her past. She does some investigating on her own and finds out what really happened to her.

Sat Sep 26 - Beyond a Doubt (26)
Airs the same day as episode 25
Tenaya 7 and Dillon go to Venjix palace to retrieve codes to stop an attack bot. Dillon is left wondering which side she is on when she turns him into Venjix. With the stolen codes, Dr. K is able to configure the RPM Ultrazord. Kilobyte captures Tenaya 7 before she can reunite with our heroes.

Sat Oct 3rd - Control - Alt- Delete (27)
Dillon’s search for Tenaya is put on hold when Scott is in trouble. Scott was shot with a key that allows Shifter to control him. The rangers do their best to save their leader when they come face to face with Tenaya. She has been reprogrammed with one mission: Serve Venjix.

Sat Oct 3rd - Run Ziggy Run (28)
Airs the same day as episode 27
It’s time for Ziggy to payback the money he owes Fresno Bob. Tenaya makes a deal with Fresno Bob to give him Ziggy in exchange for a certain case. The rangers deploy Dr. K’s Rail Saber weapon against the latest attack bot.

And then there is no new episodes until December, supposedly Episodes 29 and 30 will air December 19 and 31 and 32 on December 26 but I doubt it.

Red - Scott episode
Green - Ziggy episode
Dark Grey - Dillon episode

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Sat Sep 19 "Dark Temptation" (24)
Kit confronts Onyx and loses. After Len and Siren defeat several of Xaviax's monsters together, Kit asks whether they even need him anymore. Kit gets another unwanted visitor at his apartment... Michelle Walsh.

Sat Sep 26 "Dropping the Axe" (25)
Kit confronts Axe again until Strike arrives. Kit finds Len and Siren and tells them he is ready to be a true Kamen Rider. Xaviax tells Strike that he has a Kamen Rider ready for emergencies: Kamen Rider Wrath.

Sat Oct 3 "Kamen Rider Wrath" (26)
Secret agents begin to watch Kit's home. Once Kase apologizes to Kit for her previous actions, he goes to hospital where his father is. In the bookstore, Maya is initially furious with Lacey, but uses her assistance to draw the attention of another secret agent spying on them.

Sat Oct 10 "The Attack" (27)
The secret agents force Kit to fight against Mirror Monsters to see his armor and skills. Len and Kase fight Wrath and Strike. Maya talks to Len about what happened, and he goes searching for Kit. Trent calls his friends to hack the government's database to find where Kit is being kept.

Sat Oct 17 "The Arrested Dragon" Saturday (28)
Trent has Kit's location and Maya goes there. Kit is interrogated by Michelle Walsh. Len and Kase also go to the building to look for Kit. Kit is ambushed by Strike and Wrath.

Red - Dragon episode
Blue - Axe episode
Gold - Wrath episode
Dark Grey - Onyx episode

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