Saturday, September 26, 2009

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 25 - "Key to the Past"

New opening with PaleoMax. A recap is shown of Dillon's sister, the twins telling him about her, the key he found and Tenaya telling Shifter to watch his back.

Episode Summary:

Tenaya is tweaking with the new robot (Horonderthal) Shifter worked on. She leaves the bot once the other generals arrive. Shifter offers it to Venjix for him to enter it. The bot attacks Venjix. Kilobyte attacks the bot. Shifter blames Tenaya. Venjix vanishes Shifter and he takes his new bot away. Venjix sends Tenaya and her heat bot. Back at Corinth, some lady (a mayor?, according to the ending credits, she is the mayor) and Mason have a big thing (event where everyone is present except for Dr. K) with two keys. They put the two keeps to unlock a depot. This gives Dillon an idea, since h has two keys. He puts one key in another, they fit. One key was his sister's. The depot is attacked, the seven morph and go after the Heat Bot. The twins and Summer fight the Grinders while the four boys fight Heat Bot.

Heat Bot runs away. Black goes to check on Yellow. Tenaya attacks Yellow and they fight. Dillon then fights Tenaya. She calls him D44, saying a cyborg hybrid is no match for a robot like her. She blasts him and he protects it with his shield and the blast hits some metal stuff and it falls on her. After the commercial break, Tenaya says human compassion is a weakness and throws debris at Black. She says when she gets damaged, it is a simple repair but when he is damaged, he bleeds. She leaves. Elsewhere, Grinder and his bot are in an area of junk. He has a new device. Dillon puts the two keys in the locket and it plays The FARMER IN THE DELL. He runs off and gets in his car and races off, surprising Ziggy and Summer. Back at the evil lair, a Grinder fixes Tenaya. Crunch and Tenaya spot that Dillon is out in the desert.

Tenaya wants to deal with it herself. Dillon plays the song, she whistles it. He then plays the sad song from the beginning. This triggers memories for her, of her as a child and an grandfather giving it to her and a little boy. He says that she is his sister. He tells her that she is a human, a hybrid. SHe says she is a robot, she blasts at him, he morphs and blocks it. An explosion occurs behind her. They then behin to fight. He doesn't want to fight her but she continues, in a fury. He bests her, de-morphs and she... bleeds. She is shocked. She is shocked and dismayed, she runs off. Dillon returns to the garage, Summer approaches him. She says if he talks to her, she can help. He says he wishes she could, but she can't.

Tenaya returns to the evil base and analyzes herself, the dna match is with D78 and her sibling is D44, video is shown, she is blind and Dillon helped her escape. Kilobyte was involved, he put Dillon down and the Grinders grabbed her. Kilobyte says he will miss her, saying she won't be able to fight Dillon, because she is weak and human, and that Dillon made her remember. She says she has to stop the memories. She has to stop them at the source because she worked way too hard to make Venjix succeed to stop now. Meanwhile, the heat bot fight the seven. The twins manage to freeze him. In the evil base, Kilobyte tells Venjix he will fix things. In Corinth, Tenaya attacks the seven. She says she has come for 'the hybrid.'

After the commercials, the Rangers defend Black, Tenaya sends Grinders and they all fight. Black doesn't want to fight Tenaya, she fights him, determined in getting rid of him. She says she is more concerned with the future than the past. She throws him off a bridge and he de-morphs, she continues to fight him. He goes down and she is about to blast her. The three blast their blaster at her and Dillon blocks it. She falls off the bridge, hangs on to the railing. Dillon is hurt. Summer is concerned, a Grinder grabs her. Dillon reaches his hand out to Tenaya. She refuses but then remembers the Grinders taking her away--cameo from Sat Bot! The Grinders drop her into a vat, Dillon grabs her hand, the Grinders take him away and she fell in the vat.

In real time, she grabs his hand and he helps her up. Everyone takes their helmets off. He reveals to them that she is his sister and they deduce that her eyes are robotic. Heat Bot is made big and they ruse the SkyRev and it goes down. Tenaya looks up at them, distressed. Red boards the Paleozord. He puts the Heat Bot on deep freeze. He makes Paleomax and destroys the Heat Bot. Dillon de-morphs, looking for Tenaya but she is gone. Back with Grinder, he puts his robo online, it is huge and attacks SkyRev. Dillon looks up. The Generation 15 bot (Horonderthal) attacks SkyRev and leaves Corinth.

After the commercial break, Venjix wants Tenaya and Kilobyte to destroy Shifter. Kilobyte reveals that Tenaya knows the truth and unless she destroys D44, they might loose her. Back at the garage, Dillon wants to find her, they have search Corinth. The others tell her if she doesn't want to be found, she is going to be hard to find. Dillon is about the leave, Scott says they will all help find her. Dillon smiles, they walk out until they find Tenaya. She says she wants to help.

Finally our questions answered, everything about the flashbacks went smoothly. They didn't forget about SatBot. They even added Kilobyte into it. It was clearly new footage shot. But they did not use Tenaya's cane. I have to look back and see if she had it when the Grinders grabbed her in the flashbacks of previous episodes. Great episode, nicely done.


Anonymous said...

first time tenaya actually battled dillon without her visor!!

Mark said...


Also, how does Tanaya's visor work? It's not like it can go up because it's basically a Sailor Moon tiara, but several times it's shown going up into itself.