Saturday, September 26, 2009

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 26 - "Beyond a Doubt"

A recap is shown of Shifter being banished, Dillon's memories, the two keys, grandpa giving the keys and locket to little 'Dillon' and 'Tenaya' and Tenaya finding out she is not a robot.

Episode Summary:

Tenaya tells the gang that she wants to defeat Venjix. Ziggy is against it, not trusting her, saying she just tried to kill them in the morning. Summer clarifies she might be tricking them, that she might be a spy. Dr. K says the new bot (Horonderthal) created by Shifter might destroy them, taking their weapon info. Dr. K says it wouldn't matter. Tenaya offers the codes to destroy the bot, Dillon offers to go with her. The others are concerned. Dr. K says it wouldn't matter if Dillon doesn't come back. Tenaya tells Dillon to leave his morpher. In front of the base, Dillon asks Tenaya if the personal data said their names. She says no. They run off. In the tunnels, Dillon remembers what happened to them, with Kilobyte attacking her and the Grinders taking Tenaya away. Venjix appoints Kilobyte as his new leader. Crunch says he has seniority. Kilobyte pushes him aside.

Tenaya comes in, saying if he wants results... Grinders have captured Dillon. Tenaya promises all the Rangers. Elsewhere, Shfter's Hyperbot is still big and he plans to destroy the Ranger and then Venjix. Kilobyte and the Grinders put Dillon in a prison cell. The bot attacks Corinth. Scott plans to use the Paleomax. He transforms into Paleomax and fights the bot. Tenaya goes to a info center and gets info on the Hyperbot and downloads it into a disc. Kilobyte finds her, suspecting something, questioning her loyalty... questioning everything about her, saying Dillon was without a scratch.

After the commercials, Tenaya's hand comes to Dillon and releases him from the prison. He follows the hand. Tenaya threatens Kilobyte. Two Grinders arrive and communicate with Kilobyte, saying Dillon escape. Tenaya says she has been with him the whole time. Kilobyte finds her hand. Dillon takes Kilobyte down, saying he left her there once and not again. Her hand reunites. Meanwhile, Shifter puts his device key into the Hyperbot, making it stronger and kicks Scott out of the Paleomax, taking control of it, making it 'evil.' The twins spot Dillon's car (The Fury) heading to Corinth, Grinders attack Tenaya and Dillon while in the car. The defense system (The Barricade) from the first episode attacks them. Tenaya destroys it at its core. The gang is happy as they see Dillon is in.

Shifter comes up to Scott, they fight. Shifter says he will be in control of him. Foreshadowing! Hyperbot attacks the city. Dillon and Tenaya arrive. Tenaya runs off to Dr. K. The gang reunite and morph. We see a six morph on the screen. Tenaya gives Dr. K the programming and disappears. Why Dr. K doesn't use an anti-virus thing on the chip? ValveMax takes hold of PaleoMax but it knocks them down. Red and Shifter continue fighting. Red uses his street saber. Mach Megazord arrives and HyperBot attacks them. They then get beat up by Hyperbot. Dr. K does a jamming wave into the city and it effects Paleomax. Hyperbot sends another signal, making Paleo bad again.

After the long break, Paleo keeps keeping butt on ValveMax. Shifter attacks Red and puts a gear inside him. Red continues fighting Shifter. He knocks Shifter down. Summer and Flynn arrive in their zords. Red activates his Eagle Zord. They make High Octane Megazord. Dr. K is working on something. Valvemax goes after Hyperbot and High Octane fights Paleo. Valvemax and Mach has hold down the HyperBot but, he splits the six zords up. Paleo splits up High Octane. Dr. K sends the signal again and Paleo is good again. It splits up too. Dr. K says they can now combine all 12 zords. Zigy says 12 sounds crazy. They make the RPM Ultrazord, using the codes. Big soundeffects are used for this one. Shifter is upset, that they stole his coding. Hyperbot attacks them, with no effect. Red feels a pain.

Red says he is fine. Red calls for Road Attack and Ultrazord conducts a finisher with it. The seven then use their handle blasters and destroy the hyperbot with the power of the four megazords. The handle key device falls and Shifter picks it up and plugs it into himself, gaining the power of the Hyperbot. After the commercials, I take a nap. Just kidding, well, I will eventually do that, but anyway... The seven walk in the city and they say Tenaya came through in the end. They are happy with the Ultrazord. Tenaya waves at them. Ziggy says now that she isn't attacking them, he realizes she is a babe. Dillon says she is his sister. Ziggy says she is like a sister to him too... Kilobyte restrains her with a energy rope and points his blaster at the seven, the seven run towards him and go down. When the smoke clears, Tenaya and Kilobyte gone.

Quick review:
The ending was predictable, the rest of the episode was smart and cute, the last act was a little weak though.

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