Monday, November 2, 2009

Mini Mix and Morph Base

Pictures taken by Jason Vermin on his mobile phone.

The Mini Mix and Morph Base toy (which he got from and now is out of stock) comes with a Power Morpher (with the Dragon coin molded into it, does not come out), Green Ranger figure and translucent Red Ranger figure. The first time I saw this morpher on the promotional video, I thought the morpher sucked, that it was just a cheap glittery toy. Now, the one amazing thing is that the back of the toy--it is a new mold, molded in images of the Zyuranger Dino Buckler back. We never intentionally see this back on the MMPR show, only accidentally from the Zyuranger footage, but it is pretty cool to see the care that went into this.

Now that the coin doesn't come out of the morpher, maybe could mean something for the future. It can be either that we won't get the Dragon Morpher or this is just a preview and we will get a better Dragon Morpher. Most likely we will be getting the Power Morpher with the five coins because every toy line has morphers. And judging by past years, maybe we might just get the Power Coins belonging to the men (Remember how with the Mystic Staffs we only got the Red, Yellow and Green symbol tips?). Judging that they picked the Dragon Coin in this sparkly black morpher, BOA clearly knows fans want the Dragon Coin. It can go many many different ways. All we have now is our speculations.

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