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Power Rangers Christmas Specials or Episodes

 UPDATED 4/6/14
Power Rangers Christmas
There have now been six prominent Christmas episodes or specials in total in Power Rangers.

MMPR Season 2
"Alpha's Magical Christmas"
It was a direct-to-VHS special, it wasn't really an episode. It was headlined by Alpha and was more about songs, it had Children teleporting into the Command Center and singing Christmas songs. It was released during Season 2. But the biggest anarochism is that it features Tommy as the Green Ranger and has clips of Aisha, Rocky, and Adam. Trini, Jason, and Zack are not in this special.
This pic is thanks to fan Rob C., he found it and sent it to me.

MMPR Season 3
"I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger"
Aired November 23, 1995
It was available on VHS and aired on TV, the Rangers had to save Santa from Rito, Zedd and Rita.

Power Rangers Zeo
"A Season to Remember"
Aired November 27, 1996
I loved this episode, not only there was conflict about ethnicity, Rocky mentioned his Mexican heritage again, we got our first Jewish character, and we got a glimpse of the future. Raymond, the computer expert and Adam's friend, turns out to be Jewish. The second Jewish character in Power Rangers history was SPD Ranger Bridge. Anyhoo, King Mondo made them all fight over their holiday customs. Tanya vouched for Kwanzaa, Raymond for Hankuah, Adam for Chinese traditions, Kat for Australian traditions, Rocky for Mexican traditions (a Pinata), and Tommy for the 'All-American way.' The episode ended with an elderly Tommy and Kat telling this story to their young grandson. The boy's big brother arrives, in red shirt and gets a call from his early-era Communicator with early-era MMPR ring.

Dino Thunder
"In Your Dreams"
Aired October 16, 2004
Not technically a Christmas episode, it supposedly was set before Christmas, Connor had to go shopping with his mom and had a dream with a Christmas-inspired monster. It came from an actual Sentai Christmas episode.

"Christmas Together, Friends Forever"
Aired 2011
The Rangers reflect on the past year and Christmas with a clip show. Emily writes to her sister and Mike gets a motorbike.
Super Samurai
"Stuck on Christmas"
Aired 2012
The Samurai Rangers get stuck in Mega Mode after fighting a monster (who wasn't in a Christmas episode in Sentai). Bulk and Skull hang out with Jii and get to meet the costumed Rangers. We get another clip show.
"The Robo Knight Before Christmas"
Aired 2013
Robo Knight gets shipped to Africa to tell kids stories of the Rangers that happen in the past (clip show). The new Saban era Christmas specials are mostly clip shows.

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sdp said...

I'd argue Alpha's Magical Christmas is the most amusing one of the three.