Saturday, December 5, 2009

Poll Results: KRDK Maya, Annoying and favorite characters

What do you think about Maya as a Kamen Rider?
It's cool -- 135 of 198
It's like the original Japanese Kamen Rider! -- 27 of 198
It's bad -- 19 votes
Jumping the Shark! (Happy days, look it up) -- 17 votes

Most Annoying Character?
Michelle Walsh -- 81 of 198 [I so agree!]
Lacey -- 38 votes
Richy/Incisor -- 24 votes
Xaviax -- 21 votes
Aunt Grace -- 19 votes
Adam -- 15 votes

Favorite Character?
Kit -- 103 of 203
Len -- 51 votes
Maya -- 25 votes
Xaviax -- 12 votes [21 find him annoying!]
Drew -- 12 votes

1 comment:

Shane said...

I voted for Xaviax as my favorite character. He adds so much depth for a villain character in a Tokusatsu genre show.(Don't know if KRDK is considered Tokusatsu) Power Rangers for years, Super Sentai for years and Kamen Rider for years have had villains that don't have any success and just sit down at their base and scream at everyone even though they lose everytime they try and do something.

Xaviax actually succeeds and uses deception which puts him up their with the likes of Darth Sidious.(In terms of deceptive skills) Then when he fights he actually wins. I love the character.