Thursday, December 3, 2009

SENTAI 2010 PICTURES COMFIRMED: Tenso Sentai Goseijer

Here are the official pictures of the new 2010 Super Sentai called Goseiger. As you can see, it looks nothing like the leaked sketches. That usually happens. Those sketches could have been prototypes or early designs. Check the comments for interpretations of the Kanji and critiques. I'm not putting my opinion on this because everyone has put their input already and I think they just said everything that could be said.

Pink -- Phoenix
Blue -- Shark
Red -- Dragon
Yellow -- Tiger
Black -- Snake


Shane said...

Since the picture is not zoomed in to me the outfits look terrible. They all look like they are wearing belly shirts. Yuck.

Mark said...

YES!!!! I knew the other sketches were fake. Actually, "GoseiRed"'s helmet was taken from a Sun Vulcan villian.

Anonymous said...

Some one translated the image on 4chan

>Goseired/Arata - Skyic power wielder. Dragon motif. The optimistic and independent one.

>Goseiblack/Agri - Landic power wielder. Snake motif. He tries to play cool but is hot-blooded in nature. Older brother to Goseiyellow/Mone.

>Goseiblue/Hyde - Seaic power wielder. Shark motif. The oldest and wisest of the five.

>Goseipink/Eri - Skyic power wielder. Phoenix motif. A childhood friend of Arata, and is also optimistic about life. The maternal figure of the group.

>Goseiyellow/Mone - Landic power wielder. Tiger motif. Youngest yet the most frank and mature one. Cares dearly of her older brother and tends to do combo attacks with him in battle.

Hallwings said...

You get the feeling those leaked photos were simply decoys?

Mark said...

Apparently Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Pink's mechas are Dragon, Shark, Snake, Tiger, and Phoenix. Their names are(respectivly) Arata, Hyde, Aguri, Moné, and Eri. Black is Yellow's older brother. It says so in an alternate picture.

RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

Zeo / Ohranger look-a-likes are decoys. For me to TAKE them and use them for my Fanfiction / RPG and give them a new title, new story, weapons, villains, allies and other stuff.

GekiShark said...

Hmm... these new Sentai Heroes look like a Hybrid of Dairanger and Boukenger, to be honest. However, it would be interesting to find out how the story goes. Compared to the Power Rangers (especially the Disney adaptations) the stories are unique, as well as have a decent edge to them.