Friday, November 13, 2009

Super Sentai Girl: Ami Kawai

41 year-old Japanese theater and TV Actress, best known in Japan for her role as Marsha in Kidou Keiji Jiban and Lami in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.

Kawai was born to a restaurant manager and actress Rie Kawai in Tokyo. She comes from a lineage of actors, including her grandmother and great-grandfather.

Before the Power Rangers popularity she was already known in Europe and Latin America for her role in Kidou Keiji Jiban, although her role there was shared with Akemi Furukawa who played a similar secondary character.

She is not in the forefront of the entertainment industry in Japan, choosing to focus her time learning and teaching Japanese traditional dance, buyo. In late 2006, she was given the name Aya Fujima.

While some people have distanced themselves from their role in the Super Sentai series, she appears to have fond memories of her role. As she appeared towards the middle of the series, she had a tough learning curve to overcome, but overcame it well.

Kawai’s official websites mentions several behind-the-scene experiences playing the role. These include confronting her fear of heights when she had to stand from the tip of a tall building when the first time she appeared on screen. Also her embarrassment of turning into a monster when her character became a giant.

She is most commonly known as Scorpina to American fans.

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