Sunday, November 8, 2009

Other Power Rangers Type-Comics

Power Rangers Zeo
There was one Power Rangers Zeo Issue from Image Comics.

Power Rangers Turbo
There were two issues of Power Rangers Turbo, one being a teamup with Beetleborgs Metallix, no idea who printed them.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
There was an issue produced only in Germany, I don't know how long it was.

Power Rangers SPD

SPD had their own comic strip in Jetix Magazine published by Future Publishing called "Child's Play." A-Squad make an appearance in the two part "finale" of the strip "Invasion". They are brainwashed by Gruumm as opposed to being corrupted, and they are disposed of by B-Squad after a brief battle in the following issue, and are not seen again.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury
This special issue was produced for Bandai America toys, explaining the Spirit Rangers, which still had no name. And their masters were only in their animal forms, giving a different origin to their Ranger forms. This was released before the Spirit Ranger episodes aired and probably created before the decision was to produce the suits.


Mark said...

Disney owns Marvel. Disney owns Power Rangers. Disney hates Power Rangers. Disney only has moderate control over Marvel. Will Disney give Power Rangers to Marvel?

My hope: YES!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually that Lightspeed Resue comic is Dutch, not German.

Big_Bad_Beetleborgs said...

Wow...these comics are now downloadable now LOL! Hahaha they're all great!