Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poll: What is your Favorite Sixth Ranger Costume?

Dragon Ranger / Green Ranger
56 of 151 votes
This uniform won, probably because it is the first sixth ranger we ever saw and most fans compare other sixth ranger suits to this one.

Shinken Gold
19 of 151 votes

Kiba Ranger / White Ranger
16 votes

Mega Silver / Silver Ranger
9 votes, simple seems to do better.

King Ranger / Gold Ranger
8 votes

Go-On Gold/Ranger Gold
7 votes

Time Fire/Quantum Ranger
7 votes

Mercury Ranger
6 votes

Shurikenger/Green Samurai Ranger
6 votes

Gao Wolf/Lunar Wolf Ranger
5 votes

Titanium Ranger
4 votes

Bull Black / Magna Defender
3 votes

Magi Shine / Solaris Knight
3 votes

Deka Break/Omega Ranger
2 votes

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