Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - Switching Places - Ep Review

UPDATED 7/16/17
Images from a particular website have been removed

Squatt fools around with Billy's machine to read minds and it makes Kimberly and Billy accidentally switch bodies, it also does it to Bulk and Skull. Meanwhile, a Genie is sent to fight the Rangers.

This was one of my favorite episodes way back when, when they first aired. But it always bothered me that when Billy and Kimberly transformed, there was no difference in their personality and when they morphed, they used the same footage. In the revision, they use this horrible dissolve on Rita (Above left).

On scene where Kimberly as Billy is teaching a kid how to use a computer and blows it, the boy's voice is dubbed, much like the 'little girl' in 'Big Sisters' (that aired last week). It always made me wonder why they did that. It could be possible it has something to do with SAG, where Saban didn't hire anyone that was on SAG, and maybe if they had to record his voice, then they had to pay him, so they had to do something.

They didn't change the hearts on the Pink Ranger and the star on the Blue Ranger, it's like the revisionists were not paying attention. It would have been nice if they put the hearts on Blue Ranger as she was Kimberly and the star with the Pink Ranger as he was Billy.


They completely removed this scene with the teens getting the lamp!

Some shots of Trini looking at Skull and Bulk were cut out.

"I, Eye Guy" airs next week, "Foul Play in the Sky" plays the next after that.


flamemario12 said...

Abare red become a Dopant in Kamen rider W.

Sean Akizuki said...

By the way, I can remember in Fiveman when both Five Black and Five Yellow switched bodies but it was caused by a monster that had that ability. So far that's the only Sentai instance I remembered.

As for that episode where they switched bodies, fortunately it's just fiction. Can't imagine it happened to me. :-P

Anonymous said...

Happened in Magiranger with Pink and Red aswell. Also due to a monster.