Sunday, January 3, 2010

Power Rangers RPM - Music Video: If Today was your last day

By some sheer miracle, I was able to upload this. I am not fooling. Maybe because this is shorter than an episode that I was able to upload it.

This music video is for entertainment purposes and no copyright infringement is intended. The song used Nicklebacks If Today was your last day is owned by Nickleback and only used here to illustrate a point. The video & music content belong to their rightful owners. This Fan Music Video was made non-profit and merely a fan video to express emotions the show brought in me.

This music video is meant to be a companion piece to dead and gone.

1 comment:

gr1s3l said...

Wow..!! Cute video Great Work..!! and I can say right now that I've been miss RPM a lot..!! But I will watching over again..!! Thanks for all u work what u did here and Youtube..!!