Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MMPR Re-vision Second look second thoughts

It has been four days and I have thought this through and I think time helps. Two Power Ranger fan friends of mine that are older than me see nothing wrong with the revision, the graphics are not done through out the whole episodes. I was just shocked in seeing it without warning early in the morning. I know this might be controversial with fans since the majority of fans dislike this. I think there will be just two sides tot his. Like how Star Wars have three generations of fans, of how the fans who grew up with the first triology love it and hate the new one. Then the second generation that grew up with the new triology like it and think the old one is boring. And now yet a younger generation that only know the Clone Wars TV show. Most of the three generations like the TV show. Anyhoo, my stance is different, I'm taking this with stride. We never know whats going to happen in the next few decades, we might get the original dvds one of this day.


BINKSY said...

My favourites are the originals

Mark said...

I'm glad you thought it through. I personally like the graffics, thinking they look like early 90's comic books. It gives it a very unique feel.

Kevin T. Chin said...

From my experience talking to friends about power rangers, there are two types of people. Ones who see the medium as a joke in general because all they knew was the original Mighty Morphin so they're OK with things being cheesy and people like me who watch sentai and tokusatsu shows that want a more mature, high budget and quality ranger series. (My personal project on my artblog is something I dream of making one day, just a pipe dream.) RPM was a delight for me and I was hoping Shinkenger would be great as well. I loved Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder and SPD.

I personally am repulsed by the decision to add the unnecessary graphics to cover up "violence", I think it brings it lower to a Big Bad Beetle Borgs level(yes I'm old).

I agree they should come out with a series collection of the original MMPR, Zeo(a fave), Turbo, and In Space. I think there's some money to be had, my money at least.