Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poll Results: Best/Worst Power Rangers Toy Lines

I'm not posting all the pictures of each toy line because now with the blog they only show a few posts if there are too many pictures on one given post.

Best Power Rangers Toy Line?
MMPR Season 1 (1993) - 77 of 233 votes -- WON! RPM was second and MMPR S3 got 1 vote.

Worst Power Rangers Toy Line?
MMPR 2010 - 51 of 232 -- voted the worst. Operation Overdrive was second. Zeo got less.

Favorite Bandai America Toy?

Super Legends Chase Figures -- 27 of 157 votes, WON
Auto-Morphin got second (were it was in the lead for some time) and Monsters got 6 votes.

Worst Bandai America Idea?
Excluding Zords -- 47 of 172 votes WON
Mix & Morph got second and Retrofire Megazord got 1 vote.

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Anonymous said...

i honestly like operation overdrive toys and the series i do not know why it is not liked i mean once a ranger was great