Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Updates to Suit Actor Section

I have the suit actors of the Chouseishin series and the Tomica Hero series:

And I added most of the Giant Robots and Monsters to the Super Sentai Stunt section:

It is still a work in progress. We are working on a lot of different things for, and and busy at it.


RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

WOW!!! Well Done!! "high five" I enjoyed looking at your website. Oh I say you should add in information about Rescue Force, Fire and other Toku into the Toku Central website. Just an Idea.

Anonymous said...

wish you could put in every information about tomica hero, kamen rider and chousenshin series...

gkeNz said...

Excuse me, Lavender Ranger..

Can I give additional information about Power Rangers suit actors?

The Yellow Fury Ranger suit actor (beside Namihei Koshige) was Fujita Fusayo. I found it in Japanese Wikipedia (like you did) and google.

This is her headshot:

And she also appeared in the first episode of Jungle Fury as Theo's opponent. This is the screenshot:

This is her blog:

I hope this information will be useful

Lavender Ranger said...

gkeNz, cool! thanks! I like info like this, so whenever you find something new I don't have (and confirmed, you don't know how much rumors I get), let me know.