Saturday, April 3, 2010

Extensive Analysis of Terra Venture

After scoping out Lord Zedd's balcony on's Writer's Guide to the Power Rangers, I took a look at the Terra Venture from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999). I myself would not try to figure out the cluster-maze of a space station itself but I am glad someone did. It is interesting. I do wonder if the creators, especially Ron Mason, who is credited to having a hand in it [according to the image below from Paul Schrier's (Bulk) old website], had a schematics to it. I thought it was just generic domes but there seems to be some detail and logic to it all. Above is my scan of a Fox Kids Magazine at the time, I no longer own it.

Above is the image that used to be in Paul Schrier's (Bulk) old website. I am surprised the Saban Entertainment had enough money to make such a detailed computer-graphic model. Sometimes it looked like a real scale model (miniature). Above details where the Astro Megaship docked, the Living Quarters, and the small upper dome where the command headquarters was.

I figure that if Transformer fans can compare the sizes of the Death Star to Unicron to see which is bigger, then us Power Rangers fans can try to decipher Terra Venture.

As for the site, he goes into more detail. He names the domes 'Red Dome,' 'Purple Dome,' (I like colors so I like this) because of the lack of names on the show itseld. There were some domes that got names in the episodes but never really established which dome which was. There was Ocean Dome, Mountain Dome, Industrial Dome, and Forest Dome, but as I said, some didn't get establishing shots and some got ambiguous footage. And it was hard to tell by all the little cluster domes. I used to think they just showed random domes.

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