Monday, March 29, 2010

Aunt Grace calls the U.S. President a Communist

I rarely get politic on this specific blog, like I do on my mother blog Spanengrish Ramblings, but I shocked to find out Victoria Jackson, is a kook and called our U.S. President Barack Obama a communist. "I've watched Glenn Beck, and he's taught me well. Progressive is the new word for communist," she retorted. For some time, Jackson has appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show and The 700 Club, claiming to be a devout Christian and fervent Republican. Ms. Jackson really just cashed a check with her boring and transparent role as Aunt Grace, clearly not understanding the show. On second thought, she clearly understood her role... insignificant.


charles said...

Aunt Grace aka Victoria Jackson is a right wing crazy person. I found out she was anti-Obama when I googled her the other day. She says Glenn Beck taught her well about Obama and she says he is a communist. Anyone who quotes Glenn Beck as their source must be either stupid or a jackass. Glenn Beck is nothing but a fearmonger and a racist. Jackson even said Obama was setting up death panels and wants to pull the plug on grandma. Weird and crazy. I am glad you at henshinblog agree with me that Obama is no communist or socialist. The right wing want to bring him down. They won't. As long as there is a God it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

It's not shocking to hear this.

I was expecting this from anyone that have family members or friends losing jobs. She must've had someone important lose a job or something.

I'd give her props for calling herself Republican. But thumbs down for her Glenn Beck affiliation. That just took a major thumbs down.

Maybe if she said she quoted Dr. Alan Keyes, or Michael Steel or Sean Hannity I'd care. But she didn't. Poor choice on her account.