Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Major/Minor Changes in Spanish Dub

In the Spanish dub (translation) of Power Rangers, there are major and minor changes. It also depends on the country it comes from. For those that don't know, much like English from the United States and English from England, Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, South American, Central American and other Spanish-speaking countries, they are different too. All seasons have been dubbed by Mexico and Spain and some have been dubbed by Argentina. I am not sure if all seasons were dubbed in Argentina but I've heard a couple. The Mexico dubs serve for Central America and the Caribbean and most of South America.

I speak/understand/read Spanish and my parents are from Guatemala, I was born in the U.S.; I translated Power Rangers Central myself. Some complained to why I would have a Spanish site, but many American web surfers forget the Internet is International and what is the point of dubbing a show in another language then?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers = Power Rangers (the Mighty Morphin part was cut out)

The Putty Patrol became Patrulleros or Masillias, depending on the dub. Patrulleros obviously means Patrollers. And Masillias comes from Masa, which means dough.

"Morphin Time" has changed to metamorfosearse or sometimes, Morfosis. Metamorfosearse means metamorphosis.

Sabertooth Tiger sometimes called Tigre dientes de sable and Smilodon in Spanish.

From some episodes I've been able to see online, they changed some of the monsters' names, in recent seasons they kept their names the same, in English. Here are some that I could find: King Sphinx = Rey Esfinge; Gnarly Gnome = Gnomo Lujoso (not sure of spelling or what Lujoso means); Pudgy Pig = Cerdo Rechoncho (Super Gross Pig); Eye Guy = Hombre Ojo (Eye Man); Terror Toad = Sapo Terroífico; Chunky Chicken = Pollo Gordo (Fat Chicken); Knasty Knight = Caballero Manzarin (not sure of spelling or what Manzarin means); Pineoctopus = Pulpopiña; Dark Warrior = Guerrero Negro (Black Warrior); Samurai Fan Man = Hombre Abanico Samurai; Hatchasaurus = Incubasaurio (mix of names, Incuba means Incubator); Jellyfish = Medusa (Medusa means Jellyfish); Grumble Bee = Queja Abeja (Complaining Bee); and Slippery Shark = Tiburón Resbaladizo.

Power Rangers Zeo = Power Rangers Zeo
Not much changes--other than the basic translations, only ones worth mentioning is that the Gold Staff became the Bastón Dorado (Golden Baton).

Power Rangers In Space = Power Rangers En el Espacio
Not much changes to Turbo that I could find. In this season, Battlizer became Batallador, which is closer to the English word Battler.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue = Power Rangers A La Velocidad de la Luz
Lost Galaxy became la Galaxia Peridad, which I can't find much changes. The name 'A la velocidad de la luz' which literally means 'At the velocity of the light.'

Power Rangers Time Force = Power Rangers del Tiempo
Basic changes like Time Ships = Naves del tiempo; Visual Scanner = Escáner Visual; Quantasaurus = Quantumsaurio.

Power Rangers Wild Force = Power Rangers Fuerza Salvaje
Ferocity of the Blazing Lion became Ferocidad del Leon Ardiente (Ferocity of Burning Lion) for Mexico and in Spain, it was León de Fuego (Lion of Fire).

For Alyssa, guile and agility of the Noble Tiger became astucia y agilidad del Tigre Noble, for both Mexico and Spain which means the same thing. Funny enough, in Japan with the original Gaoranger, Noble Tiger was Belle Tiger, Belle means Beauty in French.

For Max, the Surging Shark became el Tiburón Fugaz (Fugacious Shark) in Mexico and in Spain, Tiburón Emergente (Emergent Shark).

For Taylor, Soaring Eagle became Águila Elevada (Elevated Eagle) in Mexico and in Spain, it is Águila Planeadora (Planeadora has to do with planes but means flyer). Funny enough, in Japan with the original Gaoranger, Soaring Eagle was Noble Eagle.

For Danny, it remained the same from Iron Bison to Bisonte de Hierro for both Mexico and Spain. And Merrick was Lobo Aullador (Howling Wolf), in Japan it was 'Sparkling Wolf.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm = Power Rangers Tormenta Ninja
Storm Striker = Golpe de Tormenta (Hit of Storm); Hawk Blaster = Halcon de Fuego (Falcon of Fire); Lion Hammer = Martillo de León; Sonic Fin = Aleta Sonora (Sonar Fin);

Where the Squid had no name, I like that the Spanish dubbers gave it a name in Taladro Calamar (Squid Drill); Bee Spinner = Abeja Destructora (Bee Destroyer); Sting Blaster = Cañon Mantaraya (Mantaray Cannon); Nameless Spider became Gancho Araña (Spider Hook); Star Blazer becomes Rodillera Estrella (Knee Star); Ninja Firebird became Fénix Ninja (Ninja Phoenix).

Power Rangers Dino Thunder = Power Rangers Dino Trueno
Tyranno Staff = Tirano Vara (Tyranno Rod); Tricera Shield = Tricero Escudo; Ptera Grips = Ptera Garras (Ptera Claws); Raptor Riders = Raptor Movils (Mobile Raptors).

Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta = Power Rangers Super Patrulla Delta
They had to change the word Space to Super to make SPD sense, because Espacio means Space in Spanish. Canine Cannon = Cañón Canino; Shadow Saber = Sable Sombra; Deltamax Strikers = Rayos Deltamax; Delta Runner = Delta Coche (Coche means car but literally it means Carriage); Uni-Force Cycle = Uni-Fuerza Moto (Moto is short for Motorcycle).

Power Rangers Mystic Force = Power Rangers Fuerza Mistica
Mystic Staff = Varas Mágicas (Vara means rod, Varitas is usually used for Magic Wands); Mystic Force Fighters = Puños Fuerza Mística (Punos means Fists, gloves); Brightstar = Estrella (Star); Mystic Sprite = Hada Mistica (Hada means Fairy, but it can also mean Sprite).

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive = Power Rangers Operacion Sobrecarga
Power Rangers Operacion Sobrecarga (Sobrecarga means Over-charge, but that is basically the same thing). These posters are from Argentina, Todoterreno means All-Terrain. Drivemax Vehicles = Vehiculos Maxi; Flashpoint Megazord = MaxiFlash Megazord; Rescue Runners = Los Corredores Del Rescate; Overdrive Tracker = Explorador Sobrecarga (Overcharge Explorer); Drive Detector = Maxi Detector.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury = Power Rangers Furia Animal
I thought Power Ranger Jungle Fury was Furia Jungla but it is actually Furia Animal. Blue Antelope Zord was Gazelle in Japan and became Gazelle again in Spanish: Gacela.
Jungle Chucks = Nunchaku Animal (Animal Nunchuck); Jungle Mace = Furia Masa (Fury Mace); Jungle Fan = Abanico Animal (Animal Fan); Shark Sables = Escualo Sables; Jungle Tonfa = Tonfa Furia (Fury); Jungle Bo = Bo Furia (Fury Bo); Strike Rider = Turbo Moto.

I haven't seen the dub for RPM, so I don't know the changes.


Anonymous said...

I've been watching Power Rangers RPM on XD(international LatinoAmerica) and they all call and morph " RPM en Accion" which make no sense I will prefer the correct words from English to Spanish "RPM en Marcha" and some of the Megazords names are translated to spanish different too..!!

And thanks for the Power Rangers names info... I've been watching Power Rangers Furia Animal on XD and then RPM...and then Aaron Stone and later on Digimon Data Squad...jejeje all this in mornings cool programs We have in the (SKY)XD LatinAmerica channel...

Lavender Ranger said...

For RPM, the megazord names like De Alto Octanaje Megazord and Valva Max and Cielo Revolución (Sky Rev) ???