Saturday, May 29, 2010

Malcolm in the Middle connections to Power Rangers

I mentioned before how Buffy the Vampire Slayer had connections to the Power Rangers, now here are some connections to the FOX show "Malcolm in the Middle" (2000-2006).

Bryan Cranston
Believe it or not, Bryan Cranston (the father on Malcolm in the Middle and now star of "Breaking Bad") played the voices of not one but two monsters in the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He played Snizzard ("Foul Play in the Sky") and Twin Man ("A Bad Reflection On You").

Karim Prince
Karim Prince, who played Cestro the Blue Aquitar Ranger, also played Francis' friend in the military academy called Cadet Stanley. He often played the voice of reason to Francis in the first season. I last mentioned him in the past post about Buffy.

Melody Perkins
In 1999, Justin Berfield (Reese), Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey), and Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) hosted a half-hour FOX Kids Fall Preview special, it aired at 11:30 AM. They mentioned all the new shows and briefly about the second half of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and a reverse shot of Astronema turning into Karone, making it look like Karone was turning herself back into Astronema. No real new footage as I recall. Made sense since FOX Kids and FOX were the same channel. Funny thing was that the special aired months before "Malcolm" premiered, it started January 9, 2000. Melody Perkins went on to guest star in an episode of the show! She played an old classmate of Francis and had to wear a fat suit, she was then a super-skinny babysitter to the other brothers, they all had crushes on her, but Francis, not being in town, thought she was still unappealing to him and she desperately wanted to reconnect, he missed the opportunity.

UPDATE 5/30/10: Apparently Cerina Vincent (PRLG) was in an episode called Malcolm vs. Reese as a character by the name of Carly. I do not recall this. I mean I know it is true but maybe the role was not that memorable.

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Anonymous said...

I read on that Brian Cranston was where Saban got Billy Craston.

Lavender Ranger said...

Interesting because Billy's last name was never mentioned on the show, even though he remained on the show for four seasons, it was in promotional stuff as Cranston. Some fans consider it canon.

Anonymous said...

It's on the OFFICIAL website, and has been for years now. It's canon.

Lavender Ranger said...

Gasp the Official Anonymous Canon Police! The OACP! What a honor!

Anonymous said...

you forgot about Cerina Vincent as she played a part in Malcolm in the middle as well