Friday, June 17, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Power Ranger Figures

By Request...
When MMPR started in 1993, the first toys were 8 inch tall! I personally think this is what attracted me to the series.

MMPR Season three introduced 5 inch and a half tall Ninja Ranger figures and 4 inch tall Alien Rangers, but...

Zeo was the first to have the 5.5 inch figures of the main rangers. In Space was the last one to have 8 inch tall figures.

In Space figures started having big muscles, which fans disliked as they looked more and more looked like they were on steroids.

12 inch figures with cloth suits were introduced alongside the 5.5 inch ones in Time Force and kept on going through the seasons, being phased out by Operation Overdrive. In Wild Force to SPD had human faces. They made only males, except for Ninja Storm that had a Tori figure.

Jungle Fury had 11 inch plastic figures that had no cloth suits.

In MMPR, there were girl dolls (I don't remember the size).

Jungle Fury and RPM figures didn't have 'roid rage' and in MMPR 2010, they did get steroids. The MMPR 2010 figures are the first to be the smallest at 4 inches, if you don't count the Alien Ranger figures. Samurai Rangers figures continue being 4 inch, Bandai America says it is because of the economy.

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Anonymous said...

The original MMPR figures were just modified Zyuranger Hikaru Chogokin figures, but with the emblems painted on their chests. The White Ranger was from the Dairanger Chogokin line. The 8-inch Chogokin series dates back to Denziman in 1980 and ended with the Kakuranger line in 1994, aside for the brief Megaranger comeback in 1997.