Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Official: Past Season Power Rangers Reunion for Netflix Announcement

Press Release I received:
Led by the Samurai Power Rangers (star of the recent hit series on Nickelodeon), previous generations of the iconic Power Ranger teams reunited today in Las Vegas! Creator Haim Saban and Saban Brands president Elie Dekel joined the Rangers at the Saban Brands booth at this year’s Licensing International Expo. This reunion also commemorates the announcement that starting tomorrow, over 700 episodes from the enduringly popular Power Rangers television series will be made available via Netflix’s instant streaming service.

Every classic episode from the 17 year run of the world’s most successful kids action series will now be available for fans to view any time—from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to the futuristic Power Rangers RPM. Following its introduction in 1993, Power Rangers quickly became a global phenomenon as the most watched children’s television program in the United States.

Emphasizing the importance of teamwork, responsibility and helping others, the series follows the adventures of a group of ordinary young people who “morph” into superheroes. Seen in more than 60 countries and translated into numerous languages, Power Rangers rose to rank as the #1 boys brand in the world from 1993-97, based on toy sales and television ratings.
Same pictures again and deciphering which Ranger is which:
[Front: Green, Yellow, Red, Gold and Pink Samurai Rangers; Second Row: Blue Wind Ranger, Red Mystic Ranger, Yellow Wild Force Ranger (girl); Third Row: White Dino Ranger, Red SPD Ranger, and MMPR Black; 4th: Cheetah Ranger, Yellow Dino Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm); 5th: Jaguar Ranger, Blue Wild Force Ranger. Behind Green Samurai Ranger is another Yellow Wild Force Ranger. In the background are also MMPR Pink, Ranger Green (RPM), Blue SPD, MMPR Blue, Red Dino Ranger, Pink Galaxy Ranger, and Lunar Wolf Ranger and Pink Overdrive Ranger.

Pink Galaxy Ranger and White Dino RangerBlue Mystic Ranger
Blue Wild Force Ranger, Black Wild Force RangerGreen Samurai Ranger
Yellow Mystic Ranger and Red Mystic Ranger
MMPR Red Ranger
Zeo Ranger V Red and Red Dino Ranger
Jaguar Ranger
Yellow Overdrive Ranger and Blue Wind RangerYellow Wild Force RangerAnd Gold Samurai Ranger and Ranger Green and I don't know who else, I can't tell, I know I see Red.

Center: Elie Dekel and Haim Saban
Left to Right: Pink Mystic Ranger, Blue Wind Ranger, Jaguar Ranger, Pink SPD Ranger, MMPR Yellow Ranger, Lunar Wolf Ranger, Yellow Cheetah Ranger, Yellow Samurai Ranger, Pink Overdrive Ranger, Yellow Galaxy Ranger, Pink Galaxy Ranger, White Dino Ranger, MMPR Blue, Green Samurai Ranger, Blue Wild Force Ranger, Red Mystic Ranger, Red Samurai Ranger, Yellow Dino Ranger, White Wild Force Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger (NinjaStorm in between, you see buckle), Gold Samurai Ranger, SPD Blue Ranger, two Yellow Wild Force Ranger, Blue Mystic Ranger, Blue Samurai Ranger, Pink Samurai Ranger, Black Wild Force Ranger, MMPR Pink Ranger, MMPR Black Ranger, Ranger Green, and Red SPD Ranger. I saw Yellow Mystic Ranger in the escalator picture and there is a yellow helmet behind the White Dino helmet. Red Mystic Ranger behind Blue Wild Force and Yellow Overdrive behind Blue Mystic, you can see her helmet peaking between Blue Samurai and Black Wild Force. It looks like the Yellow Wild Force Ranger suit is the only costume repeated. The only teams that don't seem to be included is Turbo, Space, Lightspeed, and Time Force---Ironically Saban seasons.

Yes, the Red Mystic Ranger's helmet was thought to be repainted Pink. Since there is only one RPM Ranger, I am led to believe that most of the Ranger suits are from Disney World (RPM Green, Pink Mystic, Blue Jungle, Red SPD, Yellow Overdrive, White Dino, Lunar Wolf, etc.). The only of Disney World that doesn't seem included seems to be Pink Time Force Ranger. The Blue Ninja Storm, Yellow Jungle, Blue Mystic, Red Dino, Yellow Dino, Red Mystic and other related suits are probably around because Disney had them for promotional stuff. I can't explain the repainted Pink Mystic helmet and even Zeo. The ones they have of all are MMPR, Wild Force and Samurai.

35 Rangers:
Red Samurai Ranger
Pink Samurai Ranger
Yellow Samurai Ranger
Green Samurai Ranger
Blue Samurai Ranger
Gold Samurai Ranger
MMPR Red Ranger
MMPR Yellow Ranger
MMPR Blue Ranger
MMPR Black Ranger
MMPR Pink Ranger
Zeo Ranger I Red
Yellow Galaxy Ranger
Pink Galaxy Ranger
Black Wild Force Ranger
Yellow Wild Force Ranger (2)
White Wild Force Ranger
Lunar Wolf Ranger
Blue Wind Ranger
Green Samurai Ranger (PRNS)
Red Dino Ranger
Yellow Dino Ranger
White Dino Ranger
Red SPD Ranger
Pink SPD Ranger
Blue SPD Ranger
Red Mystic Ranger
Blue Mystic Ranger
Pink Mystic Ranger
Yellow Mystic Ranger
Yellow OO Ranger
Pink OO Ranger
Jaguar Ranger
Cheetah Ranger
RPM Ranger Green


EZ8 said...

When I first saw the top pic, I thought this was a Gokaiger adaptation announcement with all the past Rangers present haha

But still, this is great news for fans.

Anonymous said...

Nice way of advertising! I still feel bad for the youtubers who together as random individuals uploaded all 17 seasons of Power Rangers. Thanks to them, I've caught up!
Those pics made me piss my pants with excitement! I'll probably blow my load when it's time of the Gokaiger adaption announcement!

Tetraboy said...

So this means they count Disney´s seasons?

Red Mystic Ranger visor is wrong.

Douglas said...

i've always wondered, since i learned about SS, if the suits used for PR are the same suits used for the Sentai team or an American recreation. makes me wonder even more since they have all the old suits in those pictures.

Lavender Ranger said...

OMG, Tetraboy, you're right, it's the Pink helmet painted Red! Weird. I have an inkling that some of the suits are from Disney World. Some of the others were made for the premiere of the show too (for example Jungle Fury, Yellow and Red appeared for press stuff and Blue stayed and they had the suits for events and junk). Well I dunno if Disney seasons count but this is for advertising of Netflix, all seasons are available.

Anonymous said...

this is so cool put i want to know when are the season boxsets coming for each power ranger seasons as well as the other saban 90' series

Jon B said...

And the Gokaiger jokes will come. :D Awesome picks. Some of the suits do look off, but if this was all Saban's doing, bless him and screw the minor hiccups. The pictures gave me the same feeling I got watching Gokaiger's first episode. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder WHEN.

henshin0 said...

@lavender ranger it's not pink painted red, it's yellow painted red. On the stage left, you can see pink ranger, and the visor is not the same. If you zoom closely enough, you can see it's Garuda, not sprite

Riley said...

I saw that you work on Power Rangers Centeral. Why haven't you put on the gold ranger, Deker, Battlewing, Battlewing Megazord, Octozord, or clawzord?

Jason 嘉陞 Kuo said...

I think that in the first picture where you list all the rangers, Blue Wild Force Ranger is in front of Blue Mystic Ranger, who is in front of Yellow Mystic Ranger.
And that would leave Yellow MMPR behind Pink Galaxy Ranger, and Yellow Overdrive Ranger behind Blue SPD.
And is that Blue Samurai Ranger's foot I spy in the bottom right corner?