Monday, June 13, 2011

How Rangers related to Selected Extra Heroes?

Lavender Ranger here, I chose to do only cover a few of the Extra Heroes, not all of them.

Ninjaman and the Kakuranger
I have no idea how they related because I haven't seen those episodes. Anybody know?

Signalman and the Carranger
This alien dude comes out of nowhere and gives Red Racer a ticket. he was a nuisance but eventually accepted as a friend. He briefly became evil and they had to fix the situation.

VRV Master and the Carranger
He appeared out of nowhere for just one episode or two, they didn't know what to make of him. He didn't really join the team, he just showed up and then disappeared.

Original Bull Black and Gingaman
He had his own agenda and the Gingaman were confused on what was going on, it came to conflict when it came to the Lights of Ginga. Eventually Bull Black did the right thing.

Hyuuga and the Gingaman
They accept them instantly, he still had remorse. He was kinda of a Sixth Ranger but officially counted as an Extra Hero in Gokaiger. Just for the record, he was counted as a Sixth Ranger in Bandai Museum (he was with the other Sixth Rangers) and was also included in a Sixth Ranger Stageshow event years ago (I think it was in 2002 or something).

Doggie and the Dekaranger
He was their boss and they had no choice but to follow him but yeah they accepted him. He is believed to be the Sixth Ranger by fans as he came sixth. As for Swan, they had no problem with her joining, she only transformed in 2 eps.

Miyuki and her kids
She shocks them by transforming in the first episode and then she dies, she always accepted her. But she left the heavy lifting to them. She doesn't really count as a sixth ranger.

Wolzard Fire and Magiranger
He was evil first but not by choice and then when he was good, he protected his children in a new form. Of course they accepted him.

Rio and Mele and Gekiranger
They were evil, then remorse and weren't accepted by Ran and Retsu. They then wanted them to kill them, they did kamikaze attacks saving their friends and dying for a good cause.

Blue Senturion and the Turbo Rangers
Uncharted terrority with extra heroes in Power Rangers realm, he wasn't exactly a Sixth Ranger but he did become evil for a brief time. They accepted his help.

Original Magna Defender and the Galaxy Rangers
He had his own agenda and the Rangers were confused on what was going on, it came to conflict when it came to the Lights of Orion. Eventually Magna Defender did the right thing.

Doggy and Kat and the B-Squad
Doggy was their boss and a rough one at that, but when he became Shadow Ranger, they instantly accept him so much that they depended too much on him. As for Kat, they had no problem with her being a Ranger but she chose to just be one for one episode.

Udonna and the Mystic Rangers
They accepted her as she was their teacher and boss, but she lost her powers, she left the heavy duty to them. She didn't count as the Sixth Ranger.

Koragg and the Mystic Rangers
He was evil first but not by choice and then when he was good, he then got a recolored a form. Of course they accepted him.

Jarrod and Camile and the Jungle Fury Ranger
They were evil, then when Dai Shi was expelled from Jarrod, they reformed and fought for a good cause and were accepted by the others.


Sogambut Boys Projk said...

it's rio and mele, not daishi and camille

Anonymous said...

wait! where is ninjaman? he is extra ranger in boukenger files... and the annoying zubban

Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I saw Kakuranger, but if I recall correctly, Ninjaman was treated by the team like a real close friend or acquaintance, occasionally hanging out with them in their civilian form.

Luca said...

Actually SBP, I think his name's pronounced Leo. Or at least before Gekiranger even existed, I made a character who was part panther and named him Rio because it was teh Japanese spelling for Leo.

But yeah, these are all of the coolest characters of Sentai because they actually have hardcore armor. Signalman looks freaking awesome (I usually prefer nature/animist symbolism, but once in a while I'll find a machine-based suit to be absolutely breathtaking).