Thursday, August 18, 2011

TV Store Online “Sexy Tank Dress” costume collection

TV Store Online had made their “Sexy Tank Dress” costume collection including dresses of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I personally don't like this. But if a girl or woman is willing to wear this, major props to her! The writer at the Fashionista link below said: "Why is the Pink Ranger on all fours? What is the Yellow Ranger even doing? My god."


T.K. said...

I still don't get why these costume makers insist on needlessly adding the Power Coin symbols to the chest area on these costumes... and using the wrong symbol for the Green Ranger, to boot.

Luca said...

There still making new stuff based on such an old season. This is just sad.

Unknown said...

Luca, adult merchendice based on Mighty Morphin is made for nostalgic value.