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Monsters Gone Good - Super Sentai

This was requested by one of my Facebook friends. Not all ugly monsters are evil. I only know about Jetman to Goseiger, let me know of any others. You too Sean A.!
Dryer Jigen (Jetman)
Toran creates this monster and Dryer Jigen pleads endlessly to face the Jetman. His warmhearted nature nature is revealed when he saves an old lady from a grocery cart and he tries unsuccessfully to prove himself evil. Toran has the minions go after Dryer Jigen to kill him with promises of a super changer. During the battle, the hair dying monster takes a hit meant for Ako. The Jetman spirit him away and he becomes an apprentice at a beauty shop while Toran believes he is dead.

Garbage Jigen (Jetman)
Ako throws away her childhood teddy bear Putan in the trash and it along with the trash becomes a monster when Toran throws Maria's biochanger in it. Garbage Jigen a.k.a. Putan, has the repair to repair what is broken. He considered Ako his mother and followed him to no end. Ako takes Putan to a garbage dump's attendant for him to stay there but he eats the garbage and is later treated badly by the garbage men. Maria is upset he doesn't behave like a monster and fuels his anger against humans, making him evil and powerful. They fight him with their jets but when he sees Ako tending to a little girl crying with her teddy bear, he remembers her and becomes good. Maria, angry, stabs Putan through the biochanger and he disintegrates. Ako makes a small shrine for him on the garbage dump but more trash is dumped on it. 

Dora Jin (Zyuranger)
A group of children find a magic lamp and befriend with genie of the lamp, Ginn. Yet, Bandora, intrigued by Ginn's ability, destroys the lamp and turns Ginn into Doramonster.

 Fairy Dondon (Zyuranger)
An elf named Dondon applies to be a Priprican's assistant, but is rejected by Bandora. A valley-boy Toshio befriends with Dondon, and they start playing with Dondon's magic jars, which can shrink anything to be stored inside.

 San Baka Gorma (Dairanger)
Gorma in the service of Zaidosu, though their foolishness deemed them at lowers ranks.  They loved to play games like soccer, baseball, etc. They first arrived in Episode 15. They kidnapped Ryou's sister, Youko, and held her hostage to get Ryou to play a deadly soccer game with them. They lost. In Episode 24, they challenged Shouji  to a baseball game. Despite everything, he had developed an attachment to them, and felt betrayed. Though they survived both fights, the trio ended up being bandaged up. In Episode 40, they went after Shouji, this time challenging him individually but with the others in the triad as cheering sections. Zaidosu had gotten tired of watching this and finally there was only one thing he could think of to do. Crossing the finish-line of the race would kill him, Zaidosu had set explosives. General Kamikaze was to throw the race if necessary. But he couldn't. He found he could not dishonor Shouji again and not to mention he wanted to win. Despite knowing he blow up, General Kamikaze lived up to his name. His two friends, deeply loyal to him, raced out to try to stop him. The explosion was tremendous, and left nothing but flames. And Shouji grieved for the threesome. None of them can assume human form like their fellow Gorma. Overall, they might as well be classified as ally kaijin because deep down they did not want to kill the Dairanger, just defeat them in contests and sports. And near the end of the story, they appeared to him in a vision to give Shoji courage.

 Medeia Majusshi (Dairanger)
A Gorma in the service of Gara, he posed as a photographer named Shouichirou Takamura. He was supposed to steal Lin's soul while she was vainly letting him take millions of photographs of her. Each photograph punctured a hole in her soul.  But he ultimately fell in love with her. Gara killed him and used his body as a puppet, being destroyed by the Dairenoh.
Bara Revenger  (Ohranger)
Bara Revenger's biggest desire was to kill Bacchus-Wrath, and performed noble acts such as saving a dog from being run over by a car on the street. The Ohrangers were at first distrustful of the monster, but Yuuji ended up befriending him. During a comfrontation between Bacchus-Wrath and Bara Revenger, Acha forced Bara Revenger to fight the Ograngers against his will with a remote control. By his request, the Ohrangers were forced to kill him with OhBlue using Giant Roller.

KK Esu (Carranger)
 Speed King Max was brainwashed and deformed by Grotch's Forgetfulness Water-Gun. He was named KK Esu and became the Bowzock's best dish washer. He was cleaning the Zonnecar and ended up activating the car and taking a joyride through Tokyo, where he encountered the Red Racer. He could blast lasers from his oversized eye and create an ear-piercing 'squeaky clean' hurricane. Once he returned to his original self, he died protecting Dappu from Zelmonda.

Komutan (Megaranger)
This little alien creature befriended Kenta but unfortunately his big brother was on the way to absorb him. He grew to a bigger form.

Deguis (Gingaman)
Deguis was once a warrior of good who became corrupted and joined the ranks of the Barban. He is eventually killed being forced to give energy to revive Daitanix. When he dies, Ginga Yellow turns his sword into a monument of sorts to remember him by placing his sword on the beach to look like a cross gravestone sticking out of the sand.

DD Radesu (Timeranger)
Arrested for making bombs that he sold to the highest bidder, unaware they were used to kill people, he was labeled an accomplice and was sentenced for 50 years in suspended animation, undergoing freeze-compression right before Don Dolnero. Though thawed, Don Dolnero was going to kill him for being useless until Gien implanted a receiver to make him as dangerous as a Hell's Gate Prisoner. He escapes with Sion saving him from both his pursuers and Time Fire. Once the remote control's signal was improved, he was forced on the Timerangers before enlarging himself. Time Green used the Assault Vector to blast the controller off of Landis. Sion fired the shot that freed Landis while Shadow Alpha re-froze him.

Mad Racer Baron (Timeranger)
 A former hotshot race car driver and friend of Ayase. Baron was previously convicted with Ayase's testimony for reckless driving that resulted in the death of a pedestrian. Baron had a grudge against Ayase for betraying him. But after challenging Ayase to another race, Ayase helped Baron see the error of his ways when he got in the way of Baron's car to avoid hitting some pedestrians. However, an angry Lila took control of him using a handheld device, giving him a stronger armor that took control of his actions. The Timerangers were able to break him free from this control, however  bought in by Time Robo Alpha.

 Charcoal Grill Org (Gaoranger)
He is a good natured Org that befriended GaoBlack and GaoYellow. This org was terrorizing some men and when the Gaoranger, Yabaiba, and Tsuetsue arrived, he ran off. He takes the guise of a human, a food vendor. He loves children and gave Futaro a yummy lunch. Yabaiba and Tsuetsue take control of them. Was regrettably killed by GaoIcarus, but was revealed to be in heaven cooking for Futaro at the end of the episode.

 Christmas Org (Gaoranger)
Suffering Org disguises himself as a Christmas holiday-themed Org, pretends to be good. 

 Yatsudenwani (Abaranger)
Torinoid who was seemingly killed by AbareKiller before he could do any harm. But in reality, he was captured and forced to be Mikoto's manservant, making Yatsudenwani a disgrace to his "dad", Mikela. To redeem himself, he decided to capture the other Abarangers, resulting with his crush on Ranru and stalking her on occasion via phone. But soon, after the Killer Giganoid incident, Yatsudenwani moved into Dino House and became a member of its staff. Yatsudenwani used a new power, "TeleCroco Dream", to put the Abarangers into a deep slumber until they woke up and retaliated with Super Dino Bomber. However, the entire episode was just a bad dream the Torinoid had. In the end, Yatsudenwani chose to stay on Earth. In Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, it was revealed that he now runs the flourishing Dino House and its branches as CEO. Furthermore, Yatsudenwani held an artifact capable of resurrecting Dezumozorya. In addition, he groped Ban/DekaRed mistaking him for Ranru and eavesdropped on Ranru, Emiri, Umeko, and Jasmine while they were bathing resulting in a severe beating during the group's victory meal.

Amy (Dekaranger)
Amy is a giant alien baby whose cradle pod landed on Earth. Amy is able to grow into giant-size, but because she cannot control this ability yet, she has a special pacifier on her mouth to inhibit the growth. Umeko was assigned to take care of Amy until her parents arrive to pick her up. An Igaroid, however, was sent by Agent Abrella to kidnap Amy, for her cries are shockwaves powerful enough to cause mass-destruction. In a sense of "motherly" defense, Deka Pink used Dekaranger Robo to destroy the Igaroid and Devil Capture 3 to protect Amy. Shortly after the ordeal, Amy returned to her home planet with her parents.

Bettonin (Dekaranger)
Bettonin is an alien from Planet Zoina who crashed landed in Kyoto during Feudal Era Japan. A samurai - who turned out to be Ban's ancestor - taught him the ways of bushido and samurai conduct. Bettonin ended up in present-day Kyoto, confused by the changes and Aburera made him believe the Dekarangers were invaders with bad intentions. But after Ban defeated him with Doggie's D-Sword Vega, Bettonin realized the truth and helped them. His species ages slower than humans, according to Jasmine, the age difference is 60,000 years.

 Atuteika Arupachi (Dekaranger)
He was arrested of a false crime of kidnapping a child. 

Shinnooian Hakutaku (Dekaranger)
Hakutaku is a wise woman who has knowledge of all space herbs and sometimes changes herself into a human teenage girl. She has a third eye in the shape of a small red jewel. Tetsu and the other five Dekaranger are under her care but Sen-Chan is the one who needed the most of her guidance. She had a thing for Sen-Chan, remaining on Earth to gather enough money for their wedding. On the second to last episode of Dekaranger, she with Gin and the rest of Japan cheered on the Dekarangers to victory.

Chou San (Dekaranger)
Chou was a retired detective and was seeking revenge on Raja because he killed his daughter 13 years ago, but was never able to prove it. Deka Yellow showed him his errors of his ways while confirming his theory.

Falufian Yaako (Dekaranger)
Yaako is a small alien child that somewhat resembles a piglet; hence Ban calling her "kobuta-chan" (the Japanese word for piglet). She has the ability to manipulate locks; because of this, she was partnered with the Alienizer Gyanjava to commit mass burglary across the galaxy. One day, she ran away from Gyanjava and approached the SPD for protection. Yaako and Ban were tricked into riding a bicycle rigged with a speed-sensitive explosive set up by Gyanjava, who revealed that he killed Yaako's parents and kidnapped her to do his dirty work. Ban and Yaako rode the bicycle away from the city, but an ambush by an army of Batsuroids and Anaroids forced them off a cliff. It was at this moment that Yaako's heart sparked and she changed into her true form - a beautiful humanoid teenage girl with wings, saving Ban from the explosion. She then used her power to strip Gyanjava of his armor before Ban deleted him. In the end, Yaako was assigned to help the SPD.

Baachiyo (Dekaranger)
It had no defining gender so it who love either male or female. After being born, it has normal size and then before become an adult, it enters an cocoon. It also has the ability to throw a web-like thread of its mouth. It falls in love with Testu when he was in drag. 
 Chanbenarian Gin (Dekaranger)
Gin is a cat-like alien child who tried to steal medicine from Hakutaku for his sick mother after he was unable to buy it with the pearl he found, but was stopped and befriended by Sen-Chan. Gin later learn that the pearl he found was a tool Gineeka uses to mark his prey, though he survived thanks to stealing a spatula that shielded him from the shot. In the end, his mother received medicine from Hakutaku at Sen-Chan's request. In Episode 48 before the end credits, he with Hakutaku and the rest of Japan cheered on the Dekarangers to win.

Titan (Magiranger)
 In 45, he is chosen by the slab and uses an electric ball to suck up all the electricity. Houka finds out he has a kind heart when he is near a puppy. N.Ma later chose Titan to hold his spirit for his reincarnation and Sphinx and Wyvern congratulated him for the honor of his body being sacrifice. Wyvern and Sphinx consider this an act of treason that Titan didn't want the honor. Titan ran off with Houka on the Magic Express to avoid Wyvern from killing him. Titan calls Makito 'Oni-chan' like Houka does. Beleving he was finally free, Titan stands in front of a lake only to be killed by Dagon and N.Ma took over Titan's body. For punishment of having a soul, Titan's soul faces the lake of sleep in the eternal sea.

Sphinx (Magiranger)
While Makito, Houka and Titan went off, Sphinx wrapped up Tsubasa, Hikaru, Kai and Urara in spider webs for them to understand how they get their power to defeat the gods individually. She was specifically chosen by N.Ma to carry out Divine Punishment, she shortly fights the rangers easily defeating Travelion and MagiLegend with her gauntlet. She came to the conclusion that there was no importance of the surface world to the Infershia anymore and disappeared after fighting the rangers. She was then confronted and attacked by Sleipnir and Dagon, who took her down under N. Ma's orders for not destroying the Magirangers. With Vancuria's ability of resurrection she was revived, and saved Miyuki from Dagon, and tried to change Dagon's ways, but she had no choice but to kill Dagon. After N. Ma's defeat, Sphinx became the new ruling leader of the new Infershia, ending the war between her kind and Magitopia peacefully, and she began rebuilding the Kedomono Realm.

Akutagami (Boukenger)
It was supposed to be created from an old Japanese fan and a new air conditioner but Shizuka accidentally dumped trash into it making it weak-minded and sweet. After being kicked out of the Dark Shadow, Akutagami finds a batch of The Fruit of Wisdom that fell into him during 'battle' and he eats it. Dark Shadow and the Jaryuu then wanted to use the super-smart Akutagami but he instead wants to help Sargess to find the precious. However, after seeing what humanity has turned into, Akutagami decides to make them all pay by throwing trash on them. Eventually, after all the Fruit of Wisdom was gone, Yaiba defeats him and Gekkou turns him into a giant. He is destroyed, but thanks to the friendship that he made with Eiji, Akutagami was able to return to his original form. He forgot all about what happened, so Eiji decides to let him go to a place where nobody would harm him.

 Wameikle (Go-Onger)
An infant-like tadpole creature from the Stormy World, a Braneworld that is in a constant cycle of endless wind storms. When landing in Human World by accident, Wameikle's egg stuck in Hiroto's hull. He is found by Hiroto, with him seeing him as a parent. However, the Ugats are sent after him to force growhim into a berserker adult and utilize its high-pitch sonic scream to tear down the dimensional barrier that separates the Stormy World and Human World. Its name is from on the Japanese word for "cry." He reverted back to his nice self, but still adult by a special device created by Renn, Saki, and Miu ultilized by Hiroto. He floats back to his world.     

Ain-1 of the Neautral (Goseiger)
Ain-I is a Matroid designed by Metal-Alice in her own scheme to understand the concept of friendship, placing a remote-controlled Alice Bomb with a 300 meter blast radius in his body. Left in the care of Eri, Ain-I is renamed "Koro" and learns many things before Metal-Alice deems the experiment a waste of her time and wipes out his memory while activating his battle mode. Though his brain is damaged in the fight, Metal-Alice enlarges Ain-I and activates the Alice Bomb as Super Gosei Pink manages to use Gosei Ultimate to take Ain-I into the stratosphere before he suddenly reactivates and knocks Gosei Ultimate away to save Eri.

 Jelashitto (Gokaiger)
An old friend of Insarn's from high school, Jellacit was in love with the scientist and willing to do anything to receive her love. However, upon learning that she is in love with Kyousuke Jinnai, whom he was sent to capture, Jellacit goes all out to destroy the human with his jealousy-fueled fire attacks. But after being suddenly enlarged, with Kyousuke helping him win Insarn's love, Jellicit is defeated by Shinken Gokaioh. Though he survives the fight, Jellacit loses all respect from Insarn. Ending up at Earth among the trash, Jerashid finds his way to Takoyaki stand owned by a man named Nobuyuki; agreeing become the man's pet Nobuyuki's "pet" in exchange for food. But after the Gokai Galleon crew find him, they convince with to become Nobuyuki's apprentice instead. But the vendor's mother vehemently opposed the idea out of prejudice until Jerashid took a hit meant for her. However, Jerashid elopes with his vendor friend's mother as they open a hot springs inn together


Drunken Lemur said...

Well there was Gomi Jigen from Jetman, Djinn and Fairy DonDon in Zyuranger, Charcoal-Grill Org from Gaoranger and Jealousto in Gokaiger. Mele might count, since she is a Rinshi and is also counted as an extra hero by Gokaiger. Christmas Org pretended to be good, so I don't know if you want to count that. Anyway, thanks for taking my suggestion.

Lavender Ranger said...

Thanks DL, I don't count Mele, like Vancuria/Necrolai since I am putting typical MOTD.

Douglas said...

i like how there are so many nice monsters/aliens/whatevers throughout history. Jeloushito though was a pain to watch in both episodes.

lionel_B said...

I'm disgusted that Saban has changed the scenario for the adaptation of the episode in Bara Revenger Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Zeo in, it was really bad (at least for the Rangers, but he still saved a dog :'( )

Sean Akizuki said...

For Bioman, we also had "Brain" who befriended Pink Five.