Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Go-buster Rumors

New Gobuster rumors from Dukemon22:

-Red's motif/partner is a Cheetah
-Blue's motif/partner is a Gorilla
-Yellow's motif/partner is a Rabbit

-It seems they are spies and will have spy-like arsenal like smartphones, cameras, etc.
-The forehead of the helmet has the face of the animal.
-The eyes of the helmet are sunglasses, similar to GokaiSilver in color.
-They look a little like Metal Heroes, maybe like DekaMaster (Shadow Ranger).

-There are Partner Robots, (Cheetah, Gorilla, Rabbit). Cheetah and Gorilla are person sized, and will be of the rubber-suit variety. Rabbit will be Bomper-esque in size.

-Red's Cheetah Robot can transform into a motorcycle.

- We might get photos by the end of November or as late as December 4th. Lavender Ranger likes the idea of a Rabbit.


Razorclaw said...

A rabbit Zord?

Huh. Well, we did get a Penguin Zord and Antelope Zord in Gekiranger/Power Rangers Jungle Fury, so a rabbit wouldn't be too much out of left field.

Drunken Lemur said...

Wait, it'll be based on Ghostbusters AND have a Gorilla? Like this?

rkovoices said...

I usually go into a season with high hopes for it to do good, but I don't feel that now. I died a little inside when I saw Rabbit Zord.

It might just be that I am not much of a fan of animal Zords, probably why I skipped 98% of Wild Force and all of Jungle Fury(which I will start watching next week). Too many faces on a zord just don't appeal to me.

Don't get me wrong, I loved MMPR but after they formed the Megazord. But if it wasn't for the legs, you could barely tell it was make of DinoZords. I enjoyed RPM a ton, but the Zords almost killed it for me.

And Gorilla again? That's like the 5th primate now. Cheetah... idk. I think its the 2nd, but I didn't see Jungle Fury so its new to me.

Sorry, I've been rambling on and on. I'm gonna say pass on this one for me until I see it gets better.

Hans said...

To everyone that thinks a rabbit-themed Ranger is lame. Barnaby Brooks, Jr. would like to have a word with you.

CkaiStudios said...

Rabbit: Hey I think the rabbit zord is a nice touch to the Super Sentai Family. I mean we didn't have a monkey and turtle zord before Shinkenger.And we definitly did not have a snake zord before Goseiger.

Gorrilla: For the Gorrilla all I have to say is that this is the 4th
time they had a gorrilla(which is sometimes annoying)but I'm glad it's blue and not red.

Cheetah: This would be the 2nd one for Super Sentai and I'm actually glad that this time It's not a stupid Lion. No offense to whom who like the Lion Zords, but face it there are a bit too much. It's either a bird or a lion.

I can't wait for what Green and White will be. Heck I can't wait
for the whole show to come out I hope Lavender Ranger gets some pics soon maybe even an opening if were lucky.

Unknown said...

So I think the Rabbit is a nice touch to the Super Sentai Family.
The Gorrilla is ok,but I'm glad It's not red and blue instead.
And Finally The cheetah is anice suprise.Hope we get pix soon and if were lucky maybe even a previw or openning of the new season.