Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sentai Alum in LGBT Films

I have covered how former Power Rangers have played Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual roles; here is a short list of former Sentai alums playing gay characters, the films doing actually more than the American films the former PR actors did.
Kyousuke Hamao (Agri/Gosei Black) starred in Takumi-kun Series III. It is a ghost story or mystery movie, where the gay couple visits a haunted clock tower where someone fell while making out. Kyousuke Hamao kisses Watanabe Daisuke and they are shirtless hugging as well.

Ai no Kotodama
Yasuka Saitoh (BoukenBlack) and Hidenori Tokuyama (One of the Hoppers/Go-On Gold), this came out in 2007 after Yasuka did Boukenger and after Hidenori did Kamen Rider Kabuto, before Hidenori did Go-Onger. It is based on a manga and they kiss and are shirtless in bed togehter in the film. They are so far the only same-gender Sentai alums to play lovers.

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