Monday, January 18, 2010

Eka Derville plays love slave in Sparactus: Blood and Sand

UPDATED 10/13/15
Brennan Mejia (Tyler Navarro/Red Dino Charge Ranger) played Oliver in Kaboom (2010). Eka Derville plays another gay character, now on FOX's extremely popular "Empire."

Eka Derville (Scott Truman of Power Rangers RPM) plays the character of Pietros, slave boy to Barca, they don't particularly describe Pietros because he is not a main character.

Here is how the network describes the character of Barca:
A big, hulking brute of a man, an esteemed gladiator and also Batiatus’s bodyguard and sometimes hit man, Barca is second only to Crixus at the ludus. Though possessed of a temper and an imposing stature, he tempers this with the tenderness he shows his collection of birds and Pietros, a slave boy. He is free of guile, loyal to Batiatus but secretly pines to gain his freedom.

So, basically Eka Darville plays same-sex orientated character Pietros. As a gay man, I am glad that Starz is being historically correct with the gay characters in this era, where other movies and shows like "Rome," Troy, and 300 have avoided male same-sex interaction. And also kudos to them to have a dark skinned character in this sort of relationship as well. I am sure many immature PR fans are going to make fun of this, but Eka Derville is technically not a Power Ranger anymore and this show is coming partially a month after Power Rangers RPM ended. Others have mentioned on how Rose McIver is in The Lovely Bones.

Plenty of Power Ranger actors have played gay characters (I think mostly men), and I am not talking about Austin St. John and the rumor of that he was supposedly in a pornographic film. He wasn't, by the way, it was a look-a-like. I am talking about Chris Violette (Sky of SPD), who had a quick scene in "Queer as Folk" as a gay gym member--before Power Rangers; Matt Austin (Bridge of SPD) was also in an episode of "Queer as Folk" (as a gay hustler) & bi-sexual Merrick in Denied (2004)--both before Power Rangers; Jeffrey Parazzo (Trent of Dino Thunder) also was in "Queer As Folk" (not sure sexuality) briefly--before PR and drug-addicted gay hustler Flex in Sugar (2004); Phillip Jeanmarie (Max of Wild Force) played a character that had to play a gay character in an actor workshop in the webseries "Workshop"--after PR; and Danny Slavin (Leo of Lost Galaxy) was in a gay-orientated short film Boy Next Door as an object of affection--before PR.

Jack Guzman (Danny of Wild Force) played a bartender at a gay bar in Cold Case; Archie Kao (Kai of Lost Galaxy) played a gay character in Purpose (2002)--after PR; Samuell Benta (Will of Overdrive) played a 'homophobic' rapper in Hotel Babylon in which he had a 'past' with the gay protagonist; and Kevin Kleinberg (Trip of Time Force) had the starring role in the film Ethan Mao (2004), which tells the story of a gay teen who is thrown out of his family's home. As for other American Tokusatsu, T.J. Roberts (Dex/Saban's Masked Rider) briefly played gay activist Dennis Peron in Milk. As for Super Sentai, Yasuka Saitoh (Masumi of Boukenger) and Hidenori Tokuyama (Hiroto of Go-Onger) played lovers in the film Ai no kotodama. So 5 Power Ranger actors have played confirmed gay characters and 10 (Including Emma L./Kira of Dino Thunder in "The L Word") have been on gay-theme projects.
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for the information.

Sally Martin (Tori of Ninja Storm) and Holly Shanahan (Camille of Jungle Fury) made out in an episode of "Welcome to Paradise."


Mark said...

Chris Violette, while an attractive man, is sorta freaky looking...

Anonymous said...

I wish I can see the one with matt austin. I just love him. Everytime I see him all I can think about is "BUTTERY". Im so crazy about u Wes S.


Anonymous said...

The Matt Austin project was actually not-so-great. Don't waste your time, in other words. The writing and story was okay, but it was filmed on such a low-budget that the sound is iffy (half the time you just cannot hear what the characters are saying), and apparently they had no budget for lighting (since the whole movie is in the dark. It would've been nice to see the actual characters, but you couldn't hear them talk anyway). So not a great film, no.

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

Anonymous said...

Kyousuke Hamao, who played Aguri/Gosei Black was in the Takumi-Kun series before PR too