Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wacky Theories: Disney Resort and MMPR

Attention: This is just a wacky theory, I am not saying I actually believe this to be true nor to be taken as such. THIS WAS DONE BEFORE SABAN BOUGHT PR BACK.

There is a lot of wacky absurd theories out there in the PR Fandom to why MMPR has been re-run this year in 2010, that Shinkenger is not 'adaptable' but we will see or maybe we will never know. I have come up with one theory and it is delightfully preposterous.

A more logical choice to re-air MMPR would be for the 20th anniversary in 2013. If they were going to re-air MMPR in 2013, then in the Disney parks parade, the MMPR Ranger would be blue, not red because the time to replace the Red Ranger at the Disney Parks is this year. There is a pattern going on with the Disney Park Rangers. Dino Thunder White was replaced with RPM Green and the next to be replace would be Red SPD, so it would have be a Red Ranger. So if Shinkenger was adapted, then ShinkenRed (for lack of a PR name) would be Red, Mystic Pink would be replaced by Gosei Pink and Goseiger would have been the 2011 series. Then whatever Gokaiger be adapted into PR, its Yellow Ranger would replace Operation Yellow. Blue Jungle Fury would be replaced by MMPR Blue Ranger. And in this freaky wacky theory, 'Disney' would have liked to have the MMPR Red Ranger lead the parade. But of course, they could have just changed the tradition. Pretty crazy theory right?

Now, this is one realistic theory how things could turn out this year now that MMPR is airing in 2010: MMPR Red could replace SPD Red in March or Spring 2010. If they do adapt Shinkenger in 2011, then Shinken Pink would replace Mystic Pink, Gosei Yellow would replace Operation Overdrive Yellow in 2012 and whatever was next would replace Jungle Fury Blue.

Or if they will show all three MMPR Seasons, they can have Red, then Green in 2011, and then White in 2012. Or maybe Red, White in 2011 and then Pink in 2012. Who knows. It is just a wacky theory, a foolish speculation.


DBlaze said...

lol...funny pics..but i like them

HeatEdgeSword said...

I think shinkenger and Gosieger won't be adapted.

Eric Goh said...

Hi lavender ranger, you seem to have lots of behind-the-scenes pictures of Power Rangers at Disney World, such as the one posted here with the locker room photo. Care to share the sources of these pics? Thanks!

Lavender Ranger said...

Eric, I just found it online. It is the only pic I found.