Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - Big Sisters - Ep Review

"Big Sisters"
Trini and Kimberly are big sisters to a mischievous brat (with bad ADR--dubbing) for one day but Rita kidnaps the girl, because only a child can open the case to the Power Eggs, home to universal power. Also created by the legendary Morphin Masters, who are never mentioned again. The Rad Bug is also introduced. In Zyuranger, the eggs were actual dinosaur eggs, the last ever and the ancient tribe had sent them off.

As for the revision, after the 'Today on Power Rangers' preview, we are served up yet again (for some reason and it's annoying) the scene from the first episode of Rita escaping and labels to her goons. And then the theme song. Maria's dubbing is still bad, maybe the audio was moved slightly, its better than I remember but I may be wrong. There are some horrible new graphics. As for the original episode, Maria's outfit was made to mimic the outfit of a Japanese girl from the original Zyuranger. And so was the Rad Bug, from Japanese footage. This episode contained a lot of Zyuranger footage.

This is the first episode that I noticed (back when) they replaced the Megazord fist with a gloved human hand. Maria's voice was clearly not hers. ADR means voice over that is done in post-production. This episode we also get plenty of male skin. We get our first shirtless Ranger and it is Zack, we only get a glimpse of Jason's chest under his A-Shirt. We also see about 10 shirtless guys, not all to go crying home to your momma about.

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