Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Henshin0's Megamax Predictions-Updated

During the summer, after my trip to Israel, I wrote a post and part of it was a list of predictions I had about what's to come for the kamen rider movies. For those who don't remember or didn't read it, here's the list again (note this is prior to the release of "wonderful 21 medals":
>Before fighting the main villain in OOO movie, OOO will face a lesser
movie villain, but will be interrupted by a brief arrival of 4's, who
will also defeat that lesser villain.
>Given the previous titles given to year-end team ups (war
and core), the movie will likely be called 2012 Soar (because it rhymes with the
above and it's appropriate for 4's motif.
>The OOO side will feature a new combo and/or new
form for birth and/or new rider (most likely options 1 and 3)
>The 4's side will feature a mid form (like fang-joker and
>Either during the 4's side or in the Soar-cross, the
second rider will be revealed (like accel and birth)
>Next spring, there might be another den-o film that may
include 4's (and if it does, it might take place in space)
Now, here's the update, on my predictions so far. The first one was not only true, but highly anticipated even though many fans don't really like fourze. The second one, sadly, wasn't true. Instead of being called "soar", it was called "megamax", which doesn't sound as cool in my opinion (in fact, I almost think "miramax"). #3 of prediction 3 was correct with not one, but two riders (even though they are the good and evil versions of the same person). #1 did come true, but in the Megamax-cross, rather than the OOO arc. Since we are talking about arcs, I should mention they really sucker-punched me be also having w and showa arcs. Fourze gets Double Rocket states. I said he will get a mid form on either his or cross arcs, but sadly, I have not seen the movie. I don't know at what point he uses it, but he definately uses it on one of those two arcs. The real question is, is it a mid form, side mid form, or sub mid form? For those of you who are confused about the terms "mid", "side", or "sub", don't worry, I'm planning on writing a post on rider forms, and my terminology for them. But I do know that swtches 30 and 31 form magnet states, which I think will be mid form. If it turns out that it is final form, then yeah, Double Rocket will be Mid form. The end credits do count as part of cross arc, so I was right about Meteor (second rider) being in the cross arc.
Ok, let's tally up: out of 5 (not counting the den-O prediction), where correct is +1, partially correct is +0.5, maybe or so-so is 0, and wrong is -1, I got 2.5/5, the maybe or so-so being the validity of dbl-rocket being a mid form. That makes the difference between 1.5/5, and 3.5/5. I kinda hope I'm wrong because I just don't like the idea of it being the mid form. I prefer it being sub mid, and magnet being mid.
As for the cross with den-o, there hasn't been an anouncement for it being made, but if they insist on making a new movie every year, They are missing a big oppertunity if denliner with the KR club aren't going to space on 1961 with Gagarin or doing a lunar landing with Armstrong in 1969. Gentaro and Yuki dreamed of being astronauts, and this is a chance for them to live that dream. I prefer a cameo from Gagarin over Armstrong because everyone (and sorry for the fallacy of generalization) knows Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon, but very few people (again, sorry for generalizing) know anything about Yuri Gagarin, who was the first man in space, and after whom Fourze is comemorated the 50th anivarsery of. He was a cool guy, both in the heavens and on the earth, and it would be cool for more people to know about him. Besides, there may be a possibility that if he didn't make that first flight, Armstrong wouldn't have made his landing (again, POSSIBLY). And let's face it, DEN-LINER IN SPACE!!!!!!!

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