Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Legacy War WILL be shot for Power Rangers by Toei

Zeo Ranger V of TokuNation posted this:
Earlier this year rumors began to circulate that an interview with TOEI executive Takeyuki Suzuki for Hyper Hobby magazine mentioned the possibility of filming brand new Legend war footage for Power Rangers' 20th anniversary, with all pre-Zyuranger teams removed. Now, courtesy of Henshin Justice Unlimited user Nerefir the interview has been translated, and does indeed suggest that TOEI will be filming new footage for the anniversary. The translated portion of the interview has been included below.

HH: 2012 is also the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, isn't it. 
Suzuki: At first we got an offer from America to do something like "199 Heroes," but of course Power Rangers started with Zyuranger, so the characters before that don't exist. "So just get rid of those parts." (laughs) We can't do that either, so the discussion became "Let's just film new footage with the 20 years' worth that we do need." 

HH: Power Rangers has already been reimported and dubbed with the voices of the actors that played in the Japanese original. That's very interesting.
 Suzuki: Yes, once you get used to it, it's very interesting. But there's a cost to getting the actors to dub, so we can't really do it much. 

HH: Lately they have events even in Taiwan. In Asia, it's not really "Power Rangers," is it?
Suzuki: I suppose. Originally they would just broadcast the Japanese version in east Asia. They've been doing that in Taiwan for 7 years now. It's not really profitable, but they wanted to try it out, so they did it. It's gotten an unusually good reaction.

HH: So then, what are the prospects for sentai, including Power Rangers, in 2012?
Suzuki: In America it will be the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, so they have to put forth a lot of work. In preparation for that, they asked us to "film the parts with the sentai (from Zyuranger on) in Japan." We're currently setting up for that. 

Lavender Ranger says: They say 2012 but they must mean 2013. So they haven't filmed the Legend War. It says 199 heroes but they probably mean Legend War. I hope they remember to exclude Dairanger and add Titanium Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Shark Ranger, Bat Ranger and Elephant Ranger (Spirit Rangers). In an interview with a Sentai producer, he said Bandai America has input and given that Japanese artists from Plex designed Titanium Ranger and the others, I am hoping someone tells Toei to add them.


lionel_B said...

Me that not answer the most important question: What will they do "Goseiger"?

Josh said...

This is amazing news! I cannot wait to see what they do with the Gokaiger adaptation. I am a little apprehinsive about what exactly the adaptation will look like, but we will see I guess. This does make me hopeful that we will actually get a Titanium Ranger Key.

Lavender Ranger said...

I am hoping they include Titanium Ranger because I read an interview with a Sentai producer that Bandai America would have input in Sentai so for sure someone will say "Hey, we got other Rangers." Also Spirit Rangers have appeared in Japanese magazines and Titanium in a sentai book in a PR section. And Japanese designs did design them AND the Mega modes of Samurai.

ZeroFlame16 said...

It would have been cool to have pre-Zyuranger and Dairanger in PR, but that would have caused a lot of money to be used in either production or toy line. I wonder what will happen to the Goseiger adaptation.