Saturday, March 17, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai - The Rescue - Episode Review

Because of my DVD-R problems, the pictures below are from!
 Antonio and Jii are kidnapped by Nighlok in a valley when Mike played around with Antonio and cat food. Antonio leaves a spool for them to follow. The team enters a dark tube area and fight Moogers. Lightzord flies on its own. Jii tells Antonio he thought he was trouble but glad he came back. Mike gets to the Lightzord and pops out the Shark Disc from the Lightzord. Jayden uses the Shark Disc and Shark Mode in the tunnel. When they get out, they face a massive army. Bulk and Spike make Samurai Symbols for themselves, both imitating what they both look like, Spike is a twig and Spike draws a hamburger for Bulk.

The Nighlok threatens Antonio. Jayden flies in with the Samurai Battlewing taking out Moogers. The other Rangers come in and Mia saves Jii and Antonio. The Four Rangers surround the Nighlok. Antonio morphs to Gold. Jayden confronts the monster with Shark Mode. They fight the Moogers. Lightzord flies in and serves as a shield. Gold fights the monster and pushes him down. Jayden uses Shark Mode against the monster.

They form the Samurai Megazord and Jayden enters with Mega Shark Mode. Gold uses Clawzord and its various modes. Monster holds down Clawzord and the Rangers ' blindside' him with Shark Zord and it attacks the monster. Monster lets go Clawzord. Sharkzord makes Samurai Shark Megazord. They destroy the monster. Later Mike feeds a cat. Jii congrats the team. Antonio talks about the Shark Disc. Kevin says he will be full of himself. Mike puts cat food in a bowl and gives it to Antonio. Antonio takes it and Jii says he will warm up food in the kitchen. Everyone laughs.
Mike's prank side has been dormant, I hope it comes out more. It was an interesting focus on Jii and Antonio but seem sort of  'on the surface' and didn't delve into too much. I LOVED the Bulk and Spike scenes, they reminded me more of Bulk and Skull more than anything else in the past episodes. Everyone is still complaining that this episodes doesn't explain much more about the Shark Zord but the Shinkenger episode this comes from didn't either.

And I feel both the Light Zord and Shark Zords had lackluster explanations. And the Lightzord seems to only move in Japanese footage. And the matching of the tunnels wasn't great because it was too bright in the new footage. They needed 'Light' but it barely 'Lit' anything. I remember how 'dark' it was in MMPR The Movie and this was no where near it. I love the Rainbow cockpit of the Shark Megazord.

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