Sunday, March 11, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai Episodes and Shinkenger sources

 UPDATED 10/3/12
1. "Super Samurai" (Aired 2/18/12)
Adapted from Shinkenger 24: True Samurai Combination
Super Red and Super Mega Red

2. "Shell Game" (Aired 2/25/12)
Adapted from Shinkenger 16: "Kuroko Power"
Super Blue and Super Mega Blue

3. "Trading Places"  (Aired 3/3/12)
Adapted from Shinkenger 27: "Switched Lives"
Super Green and Super Mega Green

4. "Something Fishy" (Aired 3/10/12)
Adapted from Shinkenger 28: "The Lantern Samurai"
Serrator/Light Zord

5. "The Rescue" (Aired 3/17/12) 
Possibly Adapted from Shinkenger 31: "The Kyoryu Origami"
Jii and Antonio are kidnapped by Octoroo and a new monster.
Shark Zord, Shark Mode and Shark Attack Mode

 6. "The Bullzord" (Aired 3/24/12)
Possibly Adapted from Shinkenger 32 and 33: "The Ushi Orgami" and "The Great Bull King"
A young boy's actions release a powerful Zord who damages the city, so the Rangers set out to capture and train the creature.
Bull Zord and Shogun Mode

 7. "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother" (Aired 3/31/12)
Adapted from Shinkenger 34: "Fatherly Love, Girlish Innocence"
Mia's brother visits and asks her to sing in his band. Meanwhile, Serrator invades the city again.
Super Pink and Super Mega Pink

8. "Kevin's Choice" (Aired 4/7/12) 
Adapted from Shinkenger 35: "The Eleven Origami, The Complete Combination"
Kevin's old team visits and his Samuraizer is eaten by a Nighlok.

9. "Runaway Spike" (Aired 4/14/12)
Adapted Shinkenger 29 "Runaway Lantern"
The Rangers battle a Nighlok that creates mirror images confusing them; Spike looks for a job to help Uncle Bulk.
Pink Shogun Mode
 10."The Strange Case Of The Munchies" (Aired 4/21/12)
Adapted from Shinkenger 41: "Sent Words"
 Emily loses confidence; a Nighlok's black sand causes desperate hunger and thirst in the Rangers.
(Word is that the episode 36 that introduces Super Shinken Yellow is skipped and uses 41 instead. And the shot of her using the Bullzooka was reshot with her holding her Super Spin Sword instead.)
Super Yellow and Super Mega Yello

11. "A Sticky Situation" (Aired 4/28/12)
Adapted from Shinkenger 37: "The Big Glue Battle"
(Kevin and Mike episode, they get stuck together)
Blue Shogun Mode

12. "Trust Me" (Aired 5/5/12)
Possibly adapted from Shinkenger 38: "Showdown with the Rifle Squad"

13. "The Master Returns" (Aired 5/12/12)
Possibly adapted from Shinkenger 40: "The General goes into battle."
This the last episode title that was released with the first titles so most likely this will air before the summer or hopefully during the summer so it is spaced out a bit.
Bullzooka/Mega Blade combo

14. "A Crack in the World" (Airs 10/13/12)
Possibly adapted from Shinkenger 42: "The Two-Hundred Year Long Ambition"

15. "Stroke of Fate" (Airs 10/20/12) 
Shinkenger 43: "One Last Sword Stroke"
Serrator destroyed

16. "Fight Fire with Fire" 
Shinkenger 44: 'The Eighteenth Head of the Shiba House'
Female Red 

 17. "The Great Duel"
Shinkenger 45/46: 'The Impersonator and The Showdown Clash'
Jayden begins final duel with Deker

18. "Evil Reborn"
Shinkenger 46/47: 'The Showdown Clash and Bonds'
Deker destroyed
19. "The Sealing Symbol" 
Shinkenger 48: 'The Final Great Decisive Battle'
Dayu destroyed

20. "Samurai Forever" 
Shinkenger 49: 'A Samurai Sentai Eternally'
Xandred destroyed


lionel_B said...

No super mode for Antonio somewhere ?

Now that I think, in Shinkenger, they killed the bad guys could be nice (Juuzo and Dayu). But in some adaptation of Power Rangers, it has already saved the bad guys could be nice and that have been destroyed in Super Sentai (well, ok, they were not all saved, as Diabolico in LightSpeed ​​Rescues). But maybe that Saban will spared Deker and Dayu.

Lavender Ranger said...

true, could be

Gideon said...

I just can't wait to see Shogun Mode in action...