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Power Rangers Super Samurai - A Sticky Situation - Episode Review

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"A Sticky Situation"
 Mike and Kevin spar and Mike swears he can beat Kevin and outwits him. Jayden tells them to work togehter. They do so but a new Nighlok Exposar sticks them togehter. He retreats and Serrator convinces Xandred not to destroy the Nighlok. Octoroo comes up with an idea to glue people together. So the Nighlok does so with Bulk and Spike.

 Jayden tries cutting off the glue with his Spin Sword but is unsuccessful. Jayden gives sage advice to Mike and Kevin as they train to work together but they just keep fighting and making it worse. They move a trash bag and slip and fall and accidentally drop it out. Jii sends them to get grocery.

 The Nighlok keeps gluing people to stuff. Mike and Kevin are seen outside and Mike tells people it is a school project and then dance a waltx and foxtrot and Kevin doesn't like it and pulls him away.  got an idea to have Kevin put him in a cart with the groceries to go home.

Kevin tells Mike he is creative, Mike tells him he has no other choice. They run to the bathroom as Kevin drank a lot of juice. The alarm goes off and the remaining Rangers run off. Kevin and Mike spot the Rangers and run after them. The four Rangers stick to their feet to the glue on the floor. Exposar puts more glue on them. Mike and Kevin arrive and see what's happening.
 Mike tells Kevin to lower his skills to 'be in sync' and then Kevin tells Mike to take the lead and they agree. Exposar smacks Red in the head. The duo morph in an impressive move, they do move in sync fighting Exposar. Blue flips Green and does a windmill move on Exposar.

They bring the Nighlok down and the glue comes off---of everyone including Bulk and Spike but Spike stepped on gum. Exposar grows big and the Rangers are in their zords and attack the Nighlok. Jayden is in Super Mega mode and they call for Bull Megazord and Claw Battlzord North (with Octozord) and the Lightzord. It soon becomes sunset. Jayden goes to Shogun Mode and destroys the monster. Deker and Dayu wait for Serrator, who apologizes for not keeping in touch for years.

Deker doesn't recognize him and puts his half sword at him. Serrator says they are impressive. Deker wants him to fix his sword. Serrator gives Dayu a magic dagger. Serrator tells Deker he will take a big part in mankind's destruction and takes hi sword. Back at hoem, kevin and Mike work together in the ktichen, making the others laugh. But the eggs fall on the floor.

Episode Review:
I love that for the first time ever, the close caption was a transparent pink. I don't know how that happened. Mike was so cute in that cart. The MOTD does repeat the same lines too much, especially the puns, it's annoying.

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