Saturday, May 5, 2012

World Domination or Destruction? Villain Plots

I was wondering if the main villains in Power Rangers were after world domination or destruction or what? I am not talking about Super Sentai but just Power Rangers. There is more or less by my opinion: 8 that did destruction to domination, 10 that just wanted to dominate, 4 that were ambiguous that I just put 'power.'

Rita Repulsa
In the first episode she said 'Conquer Earth,' most of the time it seemed like she wanted to take over the Earth. Sometimes it just seemed she was out for the Rangers only. The Rangers of course being in her way to her evil schemes. Her initial attacks (With flying Goldar) seem to just be destroying everything in her path. I am talking about Season 1 of course. Her plans changed in later seasons. In Season 2, it was to be freed and then get revenge on Zedd and have him fall in love with her and marry to destroy the Rangers. Later it was more revenge and then survival.
Domination: 1

Lord Zedd
 As soon as he arrived, he wanted to destroy the Rangers. He often said of 'their destruction.' We could say that he wanted to dominate the world.
Domination: 2 

Machine Empire
They were conquering many worlds and were sure to conquer the Earth.
Domination: 3 

Divatox wanted to marry a giant evil lava-monster... where does that fall into? She also was making bombs and putting them in places like soccer games. Divatox ends up destroying the Power Chamber and defeating the Turbo Rangers. So I can't say she was trying to dominate the Earth. But she definitely wanted to destroy the Rangers.
Power: 1

 Dark Spectre
He wanted to dominate the Earth and dominate the world universe. Astronema served his orders. When he brainwashed her, she wanted to overthrow him and be the supreme queen. Darkonda wanted to betray everyone and be top guy.
Dominate: 4

ScorpiusHe wanted to destroy the Terra Venture colony or conquer them. Scorpius also wanted Trakeena to enter a cocoon and take his place. Wasn't he also after the Lights of Orion or something? Trakeena wanted revenge on Leo for killing her dad. And that drove her to destroying Terraventure.
Destruction to Dominate: 1

Captain Mutiny
He wanted to take the people of the space colony as his slaves. He took many innocents as slaves.
 Dominate: 5

Diabolico and Queen Bansheera
The demon clan wanted their realm back, Mariner Bay was built over it and they wanted it all back. Bansheera and Olympius betrayed their allies to get their way. Bansheera wanted to destroy all human stuff to dominate one again.
Destruction to Dominate: 2

In 3000, Ransik did crimes and wanted money and power. He wanted to get revenge on humanity for supposedly shunning him. But he did bad things to humanity and did crimes. He as malicious to other mutants and was given chances to become good and didn't do them. He later let himself get arrested, repented and wanted to do good, he helped the Wild Force and Time Force teams and lost his mutant side.
Dominate: 6

Frax wanted to destroy humanity to dominate.
Destruction to Dominate: 3

Master Org
 Master Org wanted power. He wanted world domination. Before he became Master Org, he was driven by envy and anger. In the end, he was just pure anger. He could had just wanted world destruction as well.
Power: 2

Lothor wanted revenge. He wanted power and to take over the world. He was human and a ninja. But he wanted to use dark powers and betrayed his brother. In the end, he just wanted dominaiton.
Dominate: 7

Mesogog (Dino Thunder)
Mesogog wanted to take over the world and bring it back to the age of the dinosaurs. He wanted to make dino-hybrids as well. He used the Invisi-portals to dominate as well.
 Destruction to Dominate: 4

Emperor Grumm
Emperor Grumm wanted to dominate the Earth like he did to Sirius.
Dominate: 8

The Master
He wanted to be released to the Earth to conquer it.
Destroy to Dominate: 5
He wanted to get the Corona Aurora to create an new ice age. When he was human, who knows what his intention was, probably power. He wanted world domination.
Destroy to Dominate: 6

 He wanted to get the Corona Aurora, I forget for what reasons. He did make lizard creatures, maybe he wanted more.
Dominate: 9

He was a ninja and he wanted supreme power, he wanted to be top dog.
Power: 3

I forget their purpose for the Corona Aurora but most likely they wanted power and world domination.
Power: 4

Dai Shi
He wanted world domination and great power. He ended in Jarod's body and wanted to achieve certain things to be more powerful.
Dominate: 10

Venjix did get world domination but ultimately wanted to convert humans into robotic hybrids and destroy the last piece of humanity being Cornith.
Destruction to Dominate: 7

Master Xandred wants to flood the Earth so he escape the Underworld and reign supreme. So he wants Destruction to Dominate.
Destruction to Dominate: 8

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