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Power Rangers by Generations and Ratings

Most of the following information is from, unless otherwise said:
Thanks to Burgundy Ranger.

Mighty Morphin:
(FOX Kids in 1993) 4.3 million viewers
(ABC in 2010) 0.47 / 2.26 share

[Burgundy Ranger does not have Ratings info on Zeo to Time Force.]

"While early ratings for the show were high, maintaining the #1 ranking, they eventually faltered and the show struggled to beat out fellow Fox Kids shows Goosebumps and even sister-series Big Bad Beetleborgs."
(Might not be totally accurate but it is here to show the fan consensus)

Turbo/In Space:
"Due to the negative reaction and the ratings drop during the previous season, Power Rangers Turbo, In Space was originally written as the final season for the series. In Space however, would end up being an unexpected success and with fan interest returning to the show and the continuation of the series."
(Might not be totally accurate but it is here to show the fan consensus)

Lost Galaxy:
"Destruction's ratings were enough that Saban chose to continue and produce future Power Rangers seasons as standalone stories".
(Might not be totally accurate but it is here to show the fan consensus)

[I could not find ratings info for Zeo to Time Force.]

Wild Force:
 (ABC Family) 0.95 rating / 4.67 share
(ABC) 1.38 rating / 6.46 share

Ninja Storm:
(ABC Family) 1.17 rating / 5.86 share
(ABC) 1.42 / 6.86 share

Dino Thunder:
(ABC Family) 1.05 of 11 reported
(ABC) 0.93 / 4.78 share
(ABC Family) 0.71 rating / 3.33 share
(ABC) 0.99 rating / 4.89 share

Mystic Force:
(ABC) 0.96 / 4.64 share
(Toon Disney) 0.45 / 1.81

Operation Overdrive:
(ABC)  0.70 rating / 3.55 share
(Toon Disney) 0.54 / 2.42 share

Jungle Fury:
(ABC) 0.60 rating / 3.07 share
(Toon Disney) 0.56 / 2.97 Share
(ABC) 0.53 / 2.82 share

(Nick) 2.936 to 2.159 million viewers (-26.5%)
 2.33 ratings / 11.50 share

Super Samurai:
(Nick) 2.034 to  1.675 million (-17.6%)
 3.10 / 14.46 share

(Nick) 1.690 to 1.445 million (-14.5%)
Super Megaforce:
(Nick) 1.867 to 1.474 million (-21.0%)

Dino Charge:
(Nick) 1.650 to 1.323 million (-19.8%)

No show had reached higher than Mighty Morphin (4.3 Million) even though Lost Galaxy's wiki says it was but I couldn't find the numbers. Ninja Storm and Wild Force had over 6.40 share on ABC Family. Samurai had the highest viewers on Nickelodeon than any other Saban Brands series so far with 2.936 million viewers and 11.50 share. Samurai has a bigger share than the Disney seasons. Of the Disney seasons, Ninja Storm has higher share on ABC Family. Toon Disney actually had less share than ABC and ABC Family.

My theory is which every generation (MMPR Season One, Ninja Storm, and Samurai) there is going to be a popular season and then every season after that will have lower ratings and will be more or less popular. SPD and RPM is popular to fans but both have lower ratings. SPD is lower than Ninja Storm's ratings and RPM was lower than them all. Ninja Storm had higher ratings than Wild Force. I don't think New PR episodes on Nickelodeon will have higher ratings than Samurai. It's just like any season that came after MMPR. Plus the ratings I have for MMPR could be a accumulation of seasons and not just one season but it was the top rated series on Fox Kids.

So until the next 10 years or production change, it won't be high ratings. Granted, Ninja Storm's ratings weren't as high as Mighty Morphin but Samurai's were way higher than any of the Disney seasons. It is now rumored the 2017 season will be Netflix, ratings will be different because it isn't on TV but it would be graded by viewings which is completely different. Also, Nickelodeon's ratings could be higher if it didn't have rating dip of the 5 month hiatus it usually has for Power Rangers. But Nickelodeon giving Power Rangers a higher episode count is doubtful at this point with only 1.3 million viewers when SpongeBob brings in more than that.

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