Friday, August 31, 2012

HENSHIN0's PMC Experience

Hey everyone. As you may know, this was Lavender's 1'st PMC, but it was also my 2nd. I will share some of my own. First, I'm sad to say that I didn't upload any photos yet, so I can't show any just yet; but I might add some later editing. Another thing is that this post is about my general experience altogether, while I'll cover panels on another post.

Much like with PMC2,  one of the greatest annoyances was driving from Encino to Pasadena and back for 3 days in a row, and of course paying for parking. However, one of the greatest benifits of making friends in conventions and other toku events, is having someone giving you "backcutsies" in long lines. one particular example was on the first day before reds were permited to enter, a friend of mine gave me backcutsies as close as 12 people in front of me. and in this convention, i got a total of 12 backcutsies, beating my record from the last PMC by 5 lines. Aesthetics were different between the two conventions. PMC 3 was in a completely different room  than PMC2, allowing for more room for toy sellers and guests. It was a great feeling meeting old friends whether fans or actors. Catching up with Jason Narvy (Skull), (whom I haven't seen since my birthday in 2011) was a blast, as well as Blake Foster (Justin), Paul Shrier (Bulk), and Masaki Seike (Mr. S from CS Toys). There were many new guests with whom I've also managed to come close with such as Ted, Tim, and Tom DiFillipo (three trey's of triforia), Ron Rogge (Capt. Mitchell), Mike Ginn (Gem), and a few others that I've only talked with on facebook, or met at PMC2, but didn't get to talk to as much as I did. There were some people that didn't come, but would have really wanted to meet, most notably Matt Austin (Bridge), Selwin Ward (TJ), and Sean Johnson (Carter), who are some of my most all-time favorite red rangers...I even made toast....yes, it's buttery -wiggles fingers-

Ron Rogge was particularly interesting to meet because with Carter Greyson being one of my all-time favorite rangers, how can I not indulge in meeting the actor that played the hero of my hero. Paradoxically, he, simultaniously, was both everything and absolutely nothing you'd expect from Captain Mitchell. He is smart, wise, and has somewhat of an aura that makes you (or me at least) awestruck to just so much as being in his presence. Just as soon as he said hello to me (from behind; I was facing away from him at the moment), I turned and said "hello" calmly, but in my head, I was thinking "OH MY GOD!!!!! IT'S CAPTAIN (bleep)ING MITCHELL!!!!!! MY HERO'S HERO!!!!!!". I'm suprised my head is still in tack, because it felt like it was exploding. As i got to know know him, I also found out that he is also way more easygoing than his tv role; a total fun and chill guy, and even a bit crazy and party-animalistic. I swear if I spent 24 hours with in a non-convention evironment, the end result would resemble the plot of a raunchy comedy (which I am now intending of writing).

The Triforians were interesting to talk to, but what was really fun was discussing and debating about PRZ, which ended with them having me give them a brief history lecture on the first 6 seasons of power rangers and their sentai counterparts (even showing footage of riki/kingranger from ohranger). We've became good friends (Tim even sent me a friend request on FB), but the best part is the three of them, using the golden staff of triforia, have knighted me as their personal unofficial toku advisor (which is kind of epic).

Mike Ginn....thank god nothing went boom...Just kidding. He is really deep. Ironically, he's a lot more like Hiroto than like Gem (no, he's not a jerk if that is what you think). As soon as we found out we both were named "Mike", we actually got into a discussion about the historical origin of the name, and its odessy to the present, ranging from Catholic Rome, to Soviet Jewdaism. One particular discussion we had actually started off with a question I asked in the SPD/RPM panel, where in our one on one discussion we were talking about the serious Hiroto in the goofy go-onger vs the goofy Gem in the darker-toned PR RPM, how there is a need to be a balance between lighter and darker tones in a show to be good, and how these tones are balanced in the two shows. What was really impressive is that though he never actually watched go-onger, he's really knowledgeble about hiroto and what he calls "talking googly-eyed cartoon cars".

One visitor that I was particularly mutually happy to be reunited with was Masaki Seike aka Mr. S from CS Toys. We got along famously in PMC2, and appearantly I stood out to him enough to be remembered for another 2 years. I got to cosplay as Akashi Satora (Boukenred) and be on camera, talk to the CS toy fans watching his stream, play with some of his new merchandice, and essentially relive gokaiger episode 21. But of course I was mostly discussing kamen rider with him and actually got my name kanji'd by the lady that made the "shippu" and "kirafuda" talismans from kamen rider w episode 29. Hilariously, while the lot of us were talking about my obsession with kamen rider kabuto, I pulled out a random core medal from his promotional gift box, and I end up pulling out the kabuto medal. (if they make an akiba rider, Seike himself confirmed I should play him XD). But seriously, I'll miss him, and untill next time, I'll continue to watch his youtube channel in support.

Eyeshine.....the weirdest thing about seeing Cathrine's and Nakia's (Cat and Tonya) tables is seeing Johnny Yong Bosch in the zeo/turbo days. Knowing Johnny as Johnny, the lead singer of eyeshine, and being fully accoustomed to that, it's hard to believe he played Adam in power rangers...I suppose I now know how Kira from dinothunder felt when she saw tommy from highschool.

Me-I'm so used to the Johnny from right now, it's hard to believe this was Johnny from back then.
Cat-Welll, I'm so used to the Johnny from back then, that it's hard to believe that is Johnny now.

It was also Surreal to see people I know online such as a friend from youtube, a few people on facebook, and

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