Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pictures of Power Rangers Casts Now

UPDATED 3/29/14
My pal Mr. Yellow (from Rangercrew) suggested someone do a compile picture of the former castmembers of Power Rangers like a fan did with the Super Sentai casts. So I took the helm. The aim is to see if anyone is available to do guest stuff.
Austin St. John, David Yost, Walter Jones and Jason David Frank have attended Power Morphicon. Thuy Trang passed away in 2001. Amy Jo Johnson has recently attended Lexicon. David Yost, Walter and JDF all were in the featurette for the MMPR Box Set. Jason David Frank will indeed be in "Legendary Battle" episode of Super Megaforce.

Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley, Catherine Sutherland, and Johnny Bosch have all attended Power Morphicon. All of them (except Johnny) were in the featurette for the MMPR Box set. 

Rajia Baroudi (Delphine) and Alan Palmer (Corcus) have attended Power Morphicon. David Bacon (Aurico) and Karim Prince (Cestro) haven't. I think Karim is still acting. I don't think David Bacon is acting. I couldn't find a pic for Jim Gray (Tideus). Rajia is still acting. Alan has his own theater show. I asked Alan about Jim and he said he doesn't know where he is, that the last time he saw him he was a tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood. Rajia, Alan and David are Facebook friends.

All of them (including Nakia Burrise) have attended Power Morphicon.

Selwyn Ward, Blake Foster, Tracy Cruz and Roger Velasco have attended Power Morphicon. Patricia Ja Lee had arguments with Saban before and has only attended a few conventions. Patricia Ja Lee and Selwyn Ward both will return for "Legendary Battle" of Super Megaforce. Blake Foster was considered but I think there was passport problems.

Christopher Khayman Lee will be at PMC4 (2014). Justin Nimmo has a Rent to own business.  Patricia Ja Lee and Selwyn Ward both will return for "Legendary Battle" of Super Megaforce.

Danny Salvin, Reggie Rolle, and Melody Perkins will return for "Legendary Battle" of Super Megaforce. Only Reggie Rolle, Cerina Vincent and Varlie Vernon have attended Power Morphicon. Danny Salvin and Melody Perkins will attend PMC for the first time in 2014. In 2014, Danny Salvin, Reggie Rolle, Melody Perkins and Varlie Vernon will attend Power Morphicon, Cerina Vincent had to cancel. Archie Kao is still acting. I don't know about Russell Lawrence.

Chad Chat. is busy with martial arts and stunt acting. Keith Robinson is still acting. Sasha Williams recently got married. Rhett Fisher has a band. Ron Rogge who was at the recent PMC said he's still in contact with most of them. Alison Mcinnis and Sean Cw Johnson will be in "Legendary Battle" of Super Megaforce. Rhett Fisher was asked, he accepted and then he was declined because of budget constraints. Sean CW Johnson, Alison Mcinnis and Rhett Fisher will be at PMC in 2014.

Jason Faunt and Daniel Southworth have been at Power Morphicon. Deborah was at the first PMC. Erin Cahil has been to PMC and will attend the 4th. Michael Copon, Erin Cahil and Jason Faunt (who goes to a lot of conventions) are still acting. Daniel Southworth has a web series called "Divergence." Kevin Kleinberg, I am not sure about. Jason Faunt will be the only one in "Legendary Battle" of Super Megaforce. 2014 PMC will have Erin Cahil, Jason Faunt, Daniel Southworth and Michael Copon.

Rick Medina is on Samurai, he said maybe kids would be confused if he reprises his role as Cole. Philip Jeanmarie, Jessica Rey and Jack Guzman were at the Power Morphicon 2012. At 2014 PMC, all the castmembers Rick Medina, Philip Jean Marie, Alyson Kiperman, Jessica Rey, Jack Guzman and Phillip Andrew (reuniting the whole team after 12 years) along with the actors who played Kite and Master Org will be there.

Adam T., Pua Magasiva, Sally Martin and Jorgito Vargas are still working. Jorgito Vargas was recently on Supernatural. Pua Magasiva (Shane) and Sally Martin (Tori) are both in Shortland Street, a New Zealand soap opera. Most of the Disney casts were not asked to return.

 Jeffrey Parazzo (Trent) is in Canada and I think Kevin Duhaney (Ethan) is also in North America and they have done some conventions and will be at PMC 2014.

Monica May and Brandon (Jack) have been at Power Morphicon. Matt Austin and Aly Purrott have also been at PMC. Chris Violette and Matt Austin live in Canada. I don't know about John Tui but he lives in New Zealand I think. None of the SPD cast was asked back, prompting Matt Austin and Chris Violette to suggest a reunion film without Saban. At PMC 2014, Brandon Jay, Matt Austin, Aly Purrott, Monica May and Chris Violette will be there reuniting the five SPD Rangers after 9 years.  

Mystic Force. Not sure about Firass, but I think most are still in Australia or New Zealand. John Tui (S.P.D. & Mystic Force) recently played Beast in "Battleship".

 Operation Overdrive. Samuell Benta (Will) and Rhoda Montemayor (Rose) are doing work in the United Kingdom. Word is that Samuell Benta was asked to return but it didn't work out.

 Jungle Fury. Most of them are still acting and I think most of them are still in New Zealand or Australia. Sources tell me that David Delautour (RJ) is in LA. Jason Smith (Casey) returned for the episode "Spirit of the Tiger" and he is a writer for Super Megaforce, writing a couple episodes. David Delautour and Jason Smith will be at PMC 2014.

Mike Ginn is in L.A., everyone else I think is still in Australia or New Zealand. People tell me that judging by Tumblr, Olivia (Dr. K), Milo (Ziggy) and Rose (Summer) are in L.A. as well. Mike Ginn was the only RPM Ranger at PMC 2012 and Ari Boyland will be the only one at PMC 2014.

Alex Heartman (Jayden) has a role as a villain in a movie. Hector David Jr. (Mike) has new projects coming along. Steven Skyler (Antonio) has been doing acting and singing jobs. Alex and Rene (Jii) returned for "Samurai Surprise." Alex, Hector, Steven and Najee have continued doing conventions and martial arts training with kids in their Samurai uniforms. Hector David Jr and Brittany will return for "Legendary Battle" of Super Megaforce.


James Spiring said...

Pua Magasiva and Sally Martin (red and blue Ninja Storm) are both in Shortland Street, a New Zealand soap opera.

Samuell Benta (black Overdrive) is back in his native UK. He appeared in EastEnders E20 last year. Rhoda Montemayor (pink Overdrive) is also back in the UK. She's appearing in a movie called The Knot (see here), and according to Wikipedia has appeared in CBBC's Dani's House.

Joey T. said...

this should be worth noting: Kevin Duhaney voiced Cameron (A major role) in Total Drama Revenge of the Island over the last few months.

2013venjix said...

John Tui (S.P.D. & Mystic Force) recently played Beast in "Battleship".

Unknown said...

Rhoda Montemayor did an advert in the UK, Daniel Ewing is still in Home and Away (Aussie soap) the guy that played Xander was in also in it a year or 2 back for a short stint. David DeLautour was in the 1st ep of Touch.

Artman--yup2U said...

Faunt, Burrise, and Rey are starting No Nerds Here, and going with Copon to Metacon

Boulent Mustafa said...

Melanie Vallejo is currently appearing in the 2nd season of an Australian TV show called Winners and Losers.

Winners and Losers is already greenlighted for a 3rd season.

Anna Hutchison is set to appear in the next seasson of Spartacus.

Rose McIver is set to appear in Cassandra French’s Finishing School for Boys

Gabriel Fontoura said...

I talked with Melody Perkins some months ago (when she still had a facebook account) and she wasn't acting (not like she used to, at least)

Olivia Tennet is married to Milo Cawthorne, and a year ago she played 'Dorothy' (from 'THE WIZARD OF OZ') in community theater.

Diana Magupayo said...

Amy Jo is still so sexy and beautiful! She will turned 42 on October 6, 2012 and her daughter Francesca Christine Giner will turned 4 on December 1, 2012! She was recently having a performance at the Cape Cod Bar last month and there she was! I wished Francesca will be on Power Rangers someday. Go, Amy Jo!