Friday, December 28, 2012

Dragon Sword and Hotwheels Red & Blue Toy Reviews

In an effort to bring Henshin Grid into a new direction and have video toy reviews, I planned to get the perspective of a young Power Ranger fan. My plan as to review some new toys from the perspective of my 3-year-old grand nephew Jaiden (he wasn't named after Jayden the Red Ranger). Anyone that has a 3-year-old know it is hard to get anything out of them. Jaiden turned out not liking being photographed or even on video. He got shy. For Christmas, I got him the Samurai Red Sword Cycle, plush 16" Green Samurai Ranger Battler, Mega Mode Green Samurai Ranger Mask, Hotwheels Power Rangers Megaforce Red and Blue, and Megaforce Dragon Sword and Phoenix Shot. His mom gave him the Red Ranger Sword slahing Action Morph figure. I only reviewed Dragon Sword Phoenix Shot Battle Set and the Hotwheels cars of Power Rangers.

  Dragon Sword Phoenix Shot Battle Set


Power Rangers Megaforce Hotwheels Red Dragon Zord and Blue Shark Zord

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