Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Power Rangers Megaforce Gosei Morpher codes

UPDATED 12/26/12
Commenter Raz (@razzle1337) has this list of all codes SO FAR as 10 digit binary numbers excluding the top left and bottom left bits in the bar code. A lot are missing as he doesn't hasn't found them all yet. Please stop posting what is missing because I had already said there are some missing. These are the sounds activated by the Deluxe Gosei Morpher when a card is scanned.

Mighty Morphin Red 0001010001
Mighty Morphin Blue 0001011010

Mighty Morphin Black 0001011111
Mighty Morphin Yellow 0001100110
Mighty Morphin Pink 0001100001
Mighty Morphin Green 0001101010

Mighty Morphin White 0001101111

Zeo Red 0010001110
Zeo Pink 0010011111

Zeo Yellow 0010011010
Zeo Blue 0010010001
Zeo Green 0010010110

Zeo Gold 0010100001
Turbo Red 0010101010
Turbo Blue 0010101111

Turbo Yellow 0010110111
Turbo Pink 0010111011
Turbo Green 0010110010

In Space Red 0011000110
In Space Blue 0011001010
In Space Yellow 0011010010

In Space Pink 0011010111

In Space Silver 0011011011

Lost Galaxy Red 0011100010
Lost Galaxy Green 0011101100

Lost Galaxy Blue 0011101011
Lost Galaxy Pink 0011110100
Lost Galaxy Yellow 0011110011

Lightspeed Rescue Red 0100000000
Lightspeed Rescue Blue 0100000101

 Lightspeed Rescue Green 0100001001
Lightspeed Rescue Yellow 0100001110

Lightspeed Rescue Pink 0100010001

Time Force Red 0100011111
Time Force Pink 0100101111
Time Force Yellow 0100101010

Time Force Green 0100100110

Time Force Blue 0100100001

Wild Force Red 0100111011
Wild Force White 0101001010
Wild Force Black 0101000001
Wild Force Blue 0100111100
Wild Force Yellow 0101000110
Wild Force Silver 0101001111

Ninja Storm Red 0101011011
Ninja Storm Blue 0101011100 

Ninja Storm Yellow 0101100010
Ninja Storm Green 0101010111

Dino Thunder Red 0101101100
Dino Thunder Blue 0101110100
Dino Thunder Yellow 0101111101
Dino Thunder Black 0101111000
Dino Thunder White 0110000011

SPD Red 0110001010
SPD Pink 0110101100

 SPD Green 0110011100
SPD Blue 0110010111

SPD Yellow 0110100111
Mystic Force Red 0110111101
Mystic Force White 0111101111
Mystic Force Blue 0111000010
Mystic Force Pink 0111001100
Mystic Force Green 0111000101
Mystic Force Yellow 0111001011
Mystic Force Gold 0111101000

Operation Overdrive Red 0111111011
Operation Overdrive Yellow 1000011101
Operation Overdrive Black 1000000010

Operation Overdrive Blue 111111100

Operation Overdrive Pink 1000001011

Operation Overdrive Silver 1000001100

Jungle Fury Red 1000110010
Jungle Fury Blue 1000110101
Jungle Fury White 1000101000

RPM Yellow 1001011110
RPM Blue 1001010101
RPM Gold 1001100111

Samurai Green 101000001

1Samurai Yellow 1010001000

Super Samurai Red 1001110110

Megaforce Red 0000011110
Megaforce Black0000100101
Megaforce Blue 0000100000
Megaforce Yellow 0000101110

Megaforce Pink 0000101001

Megaforce Robo Knight 0000110001
Mighty Morphin 0001110111
Lost Galaxy 1010110110
Ninja Storm 1011000111
Operation Overdrive 1011010110
RPM 1011011010
Samurai 1010100000

Mighty Morphin Megazord 0001110010
Zeo Megazord 0010100110
Turbo Megazord 0011000001
In Space Megazord 0011011100
Lost Galaxy Megazord 0011111111
Lightspeed Rescue Megazord 0100011010
Time Force Megazord 0100110111
Wild Force Megazord 0101010010
Ninja Storm Megazord 0101101011
Dino Thunder Megazord 0110000110
SPD Megazord 0110111000
Operation Overdrive Megazord 1000101101
RPM Megazord 1001101110
Samurai Megazord 1010011100
Megaforce Megazord 0001001110

Turbo Ranger 0010111100
Lost Galaxy Ranger 0011111000
Lightspeed Rescue Ranger 0100010110
Time Force Ranger 0100110010
Ninja Storm Ranger 0101100111
SPD Ranger 0110110100
Mystic Force Ranger 0111110010

Mighty Morphin Red Power Up 0001010110
Lost Galaxy Red Power Up 0011100111
Dino Thunder Red Power Up 0101110011
SPD Red Power Up 0110001111
SPD Green Power Up 0110100010
SPD Blue Power Up 0110011011 

SPD Yellow Power Up 0110101011
SPD Pink Power Up 0110110011 

 Mystic Force Green Power Up 0111011010 
Operation Overdrive Blue Power Up 1000010110
 Jungle Fury Red Power Up 1000111110
Jungle Fury Blue Power Up 1001000001 

Megaforce Red Power Up 0000110110
Megaforce Yellow Power Up 0001000101
Megaforce Blue Power Up 0000111010
Megaforce Black Power Up 0000111101 

 Megaforce Pink Power Up 0001000000

Go Go Megaforce 000000100
Summon Zord 0000001000
Summon Battle Gear 0000010000
Summon Megazord 0000010101
Victory Charge 0000011001

Ultra Mode Morph 0000001111
Glowing Sound 0001001001


Anonymous said...

not bad, but you forgot
MMPR Red Power Up
In Space Black
Lost Galaxy Magna
Lightspeed Rescue Titanium
Time Force Quantum
Ninja Storm Crimson and Navy
Ninja Storm Green Power Up
Dino Thunder Triassic
SPD Omega and Shadow
Mystic Force Red,Yellow,Blue and Pink Power Up
Overdrive Red and Black Power Up
Jungle Fury Yellow and Violet
Jungle Fury Red,Yellow and Blue Power Up
Jungle Fury Cyan, Black and Green Spirits
RPM Red,Green,Black and Silver
Samurai Red,Female Red,Blue,Pink and Yellow
Samurai Power Up Red,Female Red,Blue,Pink,Green,Yellow and Gold

Lavender Ranger said...

wow, all that time and effort it took you to write that you could realize I wrote that not all of them have been discovered them all.

Adrenaline Rush said...

I think the Aquitar Rangers' power will also be embedded in codes even though it's not yet been discovered as it was excluded from the binary codes on this blogpost. This is because not all codes have been revealed, just only the main codes from the previous teams' powers have been revealed as codes.

Adrenaline Rush said...

Plus you need to mention the Aquitar Rangers' power on your comment.

Anonymous said...

expect, these codes letter of Power Rangers Megaforce they can turn in the 16 previous versions
as well as make Gokaigers
but it will only be able to occur in the second season will be officially celebrating 20 years
because both body will have the legendary war based on Power Rangers Goseiger and Gokaiger

Ronny said...

how do you use the codes to make them work in the morpher

Lavender Ranger said...

these are the barcodes of the cards themselves.