Friday, January 18, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Trailer and section has launched their Megaforce section. by the way has a countdown clock to the premiere and new PRM wallpaper but no section yet.

Info on the show:
Gosei does sound like Zordon
Noah Craver / Blue - Smart, Ethan-Billy type, Jake's friend
Jake Holling / Black - Outgoing, crush on Gia
Gia Moran / Yellow - "Ms. Perfect," different clique than Emma but still friends
Emma Goodall / Pink - BMX Biking chick/Nature chick
Troy Burrows / Red - New kid/underdog/martial artist

Lavender's take on the names:
All the last names kind of sound really British. Goodall reminds me of the Monkey researcher lady, Burrows, Holling and Craver scream British to me. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Craver makes me think of carving something. Holling sounds like Hallow and Burrows reminds me of digging something. The three make me think of cutting or digging something. Moran looks like Morgan, missing the 'g.' And Goodall makes me think of 'Good' and 'All' as in 'All Good' like Emma is all that is good. Other had mentioned how Noah makes people think of Noah's Ark and water. Gia as in Earth, Jake as in Jake and the Beanstalk and Earth and nature. 

Fury Diamond of his RangerCrew Blog has posted the Nick promo from Huffington Post on YouTube:

Visit my fellow Power Force teammate Fury Diamond at his blog:

Congrats to Fury to his new son born this week!


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I was thinking Jake rhymes with Snake the same way Zack rhymed with Black.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

There were theories that for the 20th Anniversary that we would have Rangers named after the original cast. Given the franchise's preferences for short names for easy dubbing I am surprised that we haven't had an Amy, Walt or Dave.

Personally I'm a sucker for puns, so I was hoping we'd get some names that tied into their elements. I guess they did that with Noah. I was thinking Pink- Erin, Black-Doug, Yellow-Daisy or Flora. If we had a Green Forest Ranger in the future, "Chuck" would be an ideal name.

As for Megaforce Red, I was thinking "Jordan" for the longest time, but thats a really bad pun!