Monday, February 25, 2013

KyoryuCyan!!! More Kyouryugers to come?

On the heels of news about new KyoryuGold, we get a Kyoryuger before KyoryuGold. This actor is not Japanese and the first one apparently. Robert Baldwin played Gordo in the 2005 Star God Series, Sazer X. Since he hasn't appeared in toy catalogs, I am thinking he will be a guest Ranger and makes me think we will be getting more Kyoryugers. I like the silver on his teeth and replacing the yellow. I like that his name is Cyan, as no other warrior in Super Sentai will has had the name Cyan, neither on Power Rangers while Jungle Fury's Shark Ranger is cyan.

More info:

His name is Ramirez and is a spirit who approves of the Kyouryuger using the Ankydon.

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James Spiring said...

If you translate the scans, you'll see that that's where RangerWiki's info came from. And for the record, the word is Wiki, Wikipedia is one specific wiki and isn't us.

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