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Power Rangers Megaforce - Stranger Ranger - Episode Review

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We open to the war full of Rangers in Troy's dream. (This is previously unseen footage in Power Rangers Megaforce provided by extended footage from Gokaiger) We see the Megaforce, RPM, Operation Overdrive, Lost Galaxy, Zeo, Ninja Storm and Aquitar Rangers fight silver robot minions. We also see the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (with a voice unlike Jason), Red Tiger Ranger from Jungle Fury and a mysterious white vested Red Ranger (Ryuuranger of Gosei Sentai Dairanger). Red Samurai Ranger at the end. Troy wakes up and wonders why he keeps having those dreams. In the Warstar ship, Creepox wants to be in charge of the next mission. He calls for Dragonflay, who is a quick runner.

At the Ernie Brainfreeze, Emma is helping with recycling and Troy tells he has had strange dreams. They notice a group of people around one guy claiming to be the Red Ranger. Troy grins. Emma asks if he is going to do something about it. He says he will take the recycling out. He then thinks they have to get stronger than the monsters. He looks at the plastic bottles and gets an idea when a cup falls. Later he has set up bottles around on strings in a forest. He blindfolds himself and tries avoiding them and hitting them. 

The other Rangers arrive to the Brainfreeze and listen into the bragger. Gia says it is just a guy looking for attention and asks Jake jokingly, "You can relate right?" Tensou worries and calls the others. The others start walking out. One guy tells the impostor that there is an attack. Emma wonders if he will do something foolish. The guy says he will go and the crowd follows him out. The Rangers go through the back door and transform. The imposter confronts the monster and gets blasted at. Troy takes him to safety. Dragonflay takes the four down. Troy arrives and gets knocked down. Troy closes his eyes and concentrates. He takes Dragonflay down. Creepox arrives and doesn't like the Red Ranger. The impostor cheers them on.

Creepox takes Red down. The hunky blue eyed impostor gets blasted at and hides. Red confronts Creepox. The bad guys leave. The guy says his name is Jordan and get reprimanded by the Rangers. Jordan follows the Rangers into the forest. Un-morphed the Rangers with blindfolds train like Troy. They hear something and quickly morph when Jordan arrives and they tell him that it takes dedication and training to be a Ranger. They have him run the obstacle course but it isn't easy for him. He says he wanted to know what it was like to be looked up to. Troy says he doesn't feel like a hero something. Emma tells him he seems like a good guy but best to be himself. They tell Jordan to stay.

The Rangers arrive in the city again to confront Dragonflay. Troy jumps up and lands down to Creepox, Creepox laughs that Troy thinks he wanted Dragonflay. Red clarifies he wanted him and Dragonflay arrives to be attacked by the Rangers. The four take the monster while Red takes Creepox. They talk about insect aliens vs. humans, who will survive. Troy takes down his sword and flips on a bar to avoid Creepox and then slashes at him with a Dragon Sword attack.  Creepox says that good shot and retreats, saying that it isn't over. The four sense Dragonflay and blast him down. 

Blue calls for the Sea Brothers and Yellow uses the Hammerhead, Black uses the Sawshark and Pink uses the Mantazord and they destroy Dragonflay. Troy is exteremly tired, saying the fight with Creepox took a lot out of him. Vrax makes Dragonflay grow, mocking Creepox. The Rangers form the Megazord.  Red is exhausted and gives it to Yellow and Black as they are the Megazord's feet, they travel quick and launch the Snake to bite Dragonflay. 

Gia and Jake earn the Land Brothers Zords: Rhino, Dino and Beetle. "I knew you and I would make a great couple." "Don't get any ideas." They form the Land Megazord or Land Gosei Great. They destroy the monster with Land Strike. Back at the juice bar, a crowd applauds Jordan. He confesses he is not a Power Ranger. They are all disappointed with him and leave. He asks for forgiveness and is not given it. 

He sits next to Troy at the bar. Troy says it took a lot of courage. Jordan asks if they met before. Troy introduces himself and says no. Jordan says he learned a lesson thanks to the Red Ranger. Ernie is about to give a shake but it flipped out of his hand and Jordan catches it. Ernie asks where he learned that. Jordan says a friend.

Episode Review: 
At first I did not how to feel about the episode. I felt it uneven and some parts forced. I found Jordan 'learning' a lesson quick and admitting his flaws. From seeing the preview clip of him bragging about being a Ranger, I had the feeling he was a stuck-up bravado guy that was going to be challenging the gang and thinking he can do better than them. I thought Jordan would be a jerk. But Jordan was just a good guy after all. I like that Jordan was a hot and fit guy, because it shows that even though he LOOKS like a Power Ranger (On the resume of actor Joshua McKenzie says he does kickboxing, gymnastics, martial arts and Parkour and Acrobatics), it doesn't mean you can be one. What I am trying to say is that he could have been just a chubby nerd that was a fan or like Boom in SPD but he looks like a Ranger and looks athletic. But I think it is too soon for the Rangers to be boosting that they have 'training.'

Because it is only the fourth episode and we have only seen Troy train. And plus that only last week Noah was doubting himself. But it is a pretty good side by side comparison that Noah believed in himself and picked for his smarts. I also didn't like how Troy conveniently trained for the monster before the dilemma was even presented. Troy is still mysterious but he comes off a bit stale. Anyway, it was good all in all with development with Troy.  When I heard the episode description I thought the episode footage would be from Goseiger Episode 10, the Gosei Green monster. I knew that Gosei Green would not be used as he didn't have much footage.  It is actually based on Episode 6 of Goseiger. I didn't expect to see Gosei Green but my idea was that Jordan would say he was the Green one and swear to have powers but didn't. It doesn't matter anyway.


Anonymous said...

Why do I see him as gokai silver in megaforce next year?

MysticDreamer said...

I hope! I totally adore Jordan!