Sunday, February 10, 2013

Toy Fair NY 2013: Power Rangers Megaforce and 20th anniversary

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Standard Masks (Blue & Black)
(Gosei Great Megazord Mask)
Which my nephew is pretty excited about. He likes the masks and I am looking forward to getting him this one.

According to the cards, Gosei Wonder will be called Jet Megazord. Five zords sold separately in 3 packs of cycles.

Morphin Vehicles go from Rangers to vehicles.

Mini Figures, I am excited about these. There are around 36. 12 per series. There are the Megaforce Rangers, Ultra mode, Mighty Morphin Rangers (including White and armored Red), Lord Zedd, Vrax and Alpha and four Megazords (Dino, Mega Dragon, Gosei Great, and Gosei Grand). Also multiple transparent ones.

Second set of Mini Battle Figures (Ultra mode and Vrax)

For some reason, shiny metallic figures of the regular ones.

Metallic MMPR Red, White and Lost Galaxy Red.

Ultra Mode Rangers

Supposedly the Ultra Mode figures are limited edition. This one comes with 5 foil cards, unknown if all of the Rangers will have 5 cards.

Tomica figures

Retrofire MMPR Dino Megazord will be released again and also the final Megazord.

Armored figures: Megaforce Red, Blue, MMPR Red and MMPR White. 

Megaforce Red Mannequin

Deluxe Gosei Great

MMPR Ranger helmets.
20th Anniversary...
Deluxe DIno Megazord
Power Morpher (ages 15 +)

Figuarts include SPD Red, Patrol Megazord, DIno Megazord, MMPR Red, Green, Samurai Megazord and Super Red Samurai.

Figuarts available at Toys R Us. They say "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" but have Zyuranger names like Tyrannoranger and Dragonranger.

More Pics from VasThe Stampede:

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