Monday, February 11, 2013

Power Rangers in NYC and Good Morning America

UPDATED 2/11/13 9:30PM EST
 For those who do not know, it is Megaforce Monday and it was kicked off by having the five Megaforce Rangers doing moves and dancing on Good Morning America. I recorded it, tried uploading it to the computer but the disc failed. :( Costumed Rangers are in New York for the Toy Fair and there is a bus of 20 Red Rangers and there are indeed 20 Red Rangers inside, including the female Red Ranger.

Fans had to re-tweet to Power Rangers' Twitter account to win a 31" Red Megaforce Ranger.

Pictures from the Twitter and Instagrams of Power Rangers and the guys in the suits.

This is the box to the new Power Rangers Monopoly. This one is signed by Haim Saban.

Check out all the pics at my brother from another mother MorphinLegacy's blog:

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