Saturday, March 16, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce - Who's Crying Now? - Episode Review

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Episode Summary:
Two bullies (hunky guy and a big 'Bulk' guy) scare students in the hall and bump into Troy and block his way. Emma and Noah arrive to a circle where they are looking at the three. The bullies ask if he is going to cry and Troy asks he sees an tears. They leave, saying Troy boring them, Noah asks he stays calm. Troy says they don't bother him. The bullies then pick on a little boy, apparently the high school is also an elementary school. Troy holds back the bully's hand and saves the little boy's insect. The bullies leave. At the Warstar ship, Vrak asks Creepox if he is up to the challenge even though he thinks he failed with the Red Ranger before.

The Bullies go after Howie, the little boy and confront Creepox. The two bullies cower from Creepox. Howie stands up to Creepox. The bullies run away. Yellow and Black save Howie and Howie leaves as they fight Creepox. They fight in a warehouse. He de-morphs Gia and Jake. Creepox leaves. Emma, Noah and Troy look for the others but they are unconscious and Gosei is no help. They finally find them. Emma stays with the duo while Troy and Noah go after Creepox, who is launching hundreds of meteors towards the city. They confront Creepox. We flashback to the last episode that Troy and Creepox fought. The two morph and fight Creepox.

Creepox takes down Noah and keeps fighting Troy. Troy goes down. Creepox throws an attack at Troy and Noah holds it. Noah and Troy fall down a cliff and de-morph. Noah is hurt, Troy says he will exploit his anger and use it against him. Noah says he wishes he could help. Creepox arrives and demands to be fought. Troy morphs once again and fights Creepox. Creepox makes him dimorph once again, goes to strike Troy but Troy has the Dragon Sword to defend him.

Creepox is over Troy and his Dragon Sword, he asks for him to cry, he says the same "You see any tears" thing and spin-morphs and fights him one on one. Vrak appears in his outside armor (which he didn't use last week) and sees the two but they don't notice him of course. The two slash each other but Creepox goes down. He is devastated and explodes. Emma, Jake and Gia walk over to where they are and come to Noah's aid. They applaud Troy, Above them, they don't notice Vrak, who calls Creepox a fool and calls his Zombats to make Creepox huge.

The four morph and call Gosei Great. The Megazord goes down and Troy asks for help. Gosei tells him it is time for the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. Out of a card in the sky comes out the Sea Brothers, Sky Brothers and Land Brothers. All nine zords combine with Gosei Great to make the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. Creepox sends a big spinning attacks towards the Rangers and they counter and destroy Creepox. The better Megaforce theme plays.

The teens recap as they walk in a park. Jake celebrates by dancing a bit like Zack. Gia hands him her bookpack and tells him not to quit his dayjob. They enter the Froyo place and the bully Roy stops them and helps Howie's bug, since the three are now friends. Troy wonders what is next. Jake tells him to relax and enjoy the win.

Episode Review:
WAAAAYYY better than last week's episode. It is reminiscent of MMPR first season of starting out as a standard episodic episode with no arc and have arc stuff happen and then end on a high note. The bullies being friends with the nerd Howie was a bit corny but eh, they live in this plastic happy world. And I have NO idea why bullies want Troy to cry. Does a hot model guy make people want him to cry? Not seeing the context, but oh well. Word is that next week there is no new episode and that the Gosei Knight episode will air March 30th. But TV says it is a repeat at 12pm.


Toni said...

I wonder if they are going to explain the extra equipment behind Gosei Great that is actually Datas in Goseiger? It sort of suddenly there.

Edward said...

I think that kid is suppose to be a freshman. After all I looked that young when I was a freshman in high school.

Anonymous said...

so there is an extra zord (the header from datas) and they did not notice it?