Monday, March 11, 2013

RangerStrike card art used for Action Card Game

UPDATED 3/17/13
This might not be a news flash but Bandai America is not only using art from Dice-O cards (2010-2013, started with Goseiger) but also Rangerstrike cards (2006-2009, started with Boukenger) and XGather Extension (2011). The majority of the villains are not in Dice-O but lots of characters appeared in Rangerstrike. Bandai's rep says they will be doing more Rangers instead of villains because of they want kids to find Rangers and not villains.

So it means we might be getting this image for Rita.

And indeed we have it. 

The following don't have Dice-O cards but do have Rangerstrike cards:
 White Mystic Force Ranger
 Nova Ranger
Kat Ranger
Blue Senturion
Phantom Ranger

Magna Defender (XGather Expansion)

Here are Monsters and Villains who have Rangerstrike cards:
 General Shifter

General Crunch
King Mondo
 Mig (Fearcat)
Benglo (Fearcat)

This is Shadam from Dairanger, whose costume got used for Master Org so I hope Bandai doesn't confuse him for Master Org.

What villains fans really want...
 The Psycho Rangers, who the Facebook Bandai rep says fans want and they are taking in consideration. A lot of the Action Card Game cards depend if they have art (presumably from Dice-O or Rangerstrike) but I think high quality photographs also help. Using RangerStrike indeed expands what characters they can use. But unfortunately, there are a number of characters (or powerups) that are Power Ranger-exclusive and would need photographs, but it seems they don't want to use screen caps from the show.

It has now revealed that the Mega Modes of the Samurai Rangers will be out. It surprises me that it has original art. So it seems that they got an artist or the original artist to do some characters or powerups, I am hoping Titanium Ranger is getting this treatment. But it might only be for Samurai.

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