Friday, March 15, 2013

Non-Super Sentai Power Ranger Exclusive Artwork In Action Card Game Cards

When the Power Rangers Action Card Game came out, we fans (or I, on my own) assumed that the artwork was only coming from Super Sentai Dice-O (2010-now). Some cards are mixed with photoshoots of Mighty Morphin, RPM, Samurai and Lost Galaxy. But recently it has been revealed they are also using artwork from Ranger Strike (2006-now). Funny enough, American Power Rangers fans saw Ranger Strike artwork with the Power Rangers Collector Card Game back in 2008 but there was only one series and was quickly cancelled. This week Bandai America's ACG Facebook page revealed cards for Gold Samurai Ranger (Mega Mode) and Red Dragon Fire Ranger.
Red Dragon Fire Ranger is from Mystic Force only and did not appear in Mahou Sentai Magiranger. So this is new artwork exclusively made for the American card game. Red Dragon Fire Ranger is a Battlizer, which were only in Power Rangers than Super Sentai. SPD Battlizer is the only one to appear in Sentai that AFTER it appeared in Power Rangers, having appeared in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger. The SPD Battlizer did get artwork for the Rangerstrike and Dice-O cards so fans suspect we would only get those. In fact, the SPD Battlizer appeared in the CCG (2008).

I am not surprised to see Mega Mode, I figured they would make artwork for them. But it has been pointed out that the same pose of Gold was used in a Super Samurai poster--meaning it is a photo just enhanced with photoshop. I am pleasantly surprised to see the Battlizer though. Other than SPD Battlizer, I hope we get the original In Space Battlizer, Lost Galaxy Battlizer, Ninja Storm Battlizer, and Shogun Mode. I doubt we will get Lightspeed Rescue Red's because it was more of a bike-related armor but we'll see.

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